Tuna Melt Officially Remixes The Chainsmokers & bludnymph’s “Self Destruction Mode” [Track Write-Up]

NEW HOUSE REMIX: Tuna Melt Remixes ‘Self Destruction Mode‘ Officially For Headlining Multi-Genre Duo The Chainsmokers & bludnymph

EDM Weather Reporter: Garth Jones

It’s official, Tuna Melt cannot be stopped.

Rising tech house duo Tuna Melt (made up of SpaceRace & Gainchanger) remix the headlining and world-renowned electronic duo from Colorado, The Chainsmokers and bludnymph‘s “Self Destruction Mode” single – giving it a new, tech house-laden, and ultimately salacious sound.

pictured: Tuna Melt

The sing-along nature of the original remains, but the remixing artist (Tuna Melt) truly revolutionizes this new release into a completely danceable and shakable reiteration sure to get you moving and breaking a sweat.

pictured: The Chainsmokers

What fans and listeners can look forward to via this upbeat remix is Tuna Melt’s ability to honor the original’s core elements and key focal points that The Chainsmokers & bludnymph have effortlessly delivered but amplified and elevated in a groovy and memorable way.

pictured: bludnymph

If you aren’t belting the lyrics, jumping up and down to the beat, and already planning who you’ll share this new remix with, then we highly suggest replaying the track, spiking the volume, and repeating the process, until you feel what we feel – that being self destruct mode.

Trust us, it’s well worth the listen, over and over again.

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