NIGHTHAVVK’s ‘SLAUGHTER’ Goes For The Kill via The Bass Space [Write-Up + Interview]

NEW MUSIC: Canada’s NIGHTHAVVK Releases ‘SLAUGHTER’ – Leaving No Survivors In Its Bass-Forward Wake via The Bass Space Record Label

EDM Weather Reporter: Garth Jones

▼ We Chat w/ NIGHTHAVVK about ‘SLAUGHTER‘, creative processes, his inspirations, goals, and MORE (found below)

Edmonton, Canada‘s rising bass music producer known as NIGHTHAVVK finds his new release ‘SLAUGHTER‘ in the helms and hands of The Bass Space, a rising record label delivering some of today’s nastiest and grime-laden dubstep and riddim tracks.

This hot-off-the-press neckbreaker is a sublime fusion of punchy riddim with dubstep-inspired basslines, catchy pre-drop vocals, and systematic structuring to keep the intensity in your face throughout the 3:02 duration. A true treat to all bassheads who love all of the above-mentioned. From start to finish, ‘SLAUGHTER’ hits on all the checkboxes for a fun, exhilarating, and bass-in-your-face experience.

NIGHTHAVVK has been killing it as of late with releases like ‘Crush’, ‘Skybrain’, ‘Stay Trippy’, and ‘Bang‘, all of which are prime productions to break your neck to. After you listen to ‘SLAUGHTER‘ – you’ll want to keep that momentum going and listen to those other heaters in his arsenal.

If we were you, we’d keep a close eye on this rising bird of bass. Check out his new track ‘SLAUGHTER‘ on The Bass Space, which is out now! Double points for anyone who digs it and gives him a follow on social media/music streaming platforms.


A1: I wanted to create a cohesive track combining as many genres as possible and still maintain a motif. Once the track started coming together I spent roughly 3 to 4 weeks perfecting its sound and sending it to my instructors in The Forbidden Society for feedback, which they gave very positive responses. I found the vocal sample after the track was done by fluke and it fit in perfectly which gave the track the name SLAUGHTER.

A2: I’ll usually start a track with a chord progression or melody and build off of it. I do all of my sound design in the same session which can be a setback at times and I rarely save my samples so every track has its own unique sound. Most of my sound design is stretching and pitching samples in different warp modes and layering multiple samples to create a very full and impactful sound. I will work every day on a track until I have a solid draft and then I’ll go over each section to make it sound as good as I possibly can get it before going to the next section.

A3: My inspirations are Liquid Stranger, Subtronics, Virtual Riot, and Champagne Drip. I’m also inspired by the bands Ghost, Type O Negative, H.I.M., and The 69 Eyes

A4: My goal is to put out as much amazing music as I possibly can. My music is my legacy and my life. I want to push my potential to see what I’m capable of. I don’t want to live a life of regret not knowing I didn’t do the best I could in my craft. I want to make a solid contribution to the music world.


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