2Below’s Debut High Caliber Records Release ‘Tell Me What You Want’ Get The Masses Moving [Track Write-Up]

NEW HOUSE MUSIC: Michigan’s Duo 2Below Delivers Hypnotizing Bass House Single ‘Tell Me What You Want‘ via High Caliber Records | Debut Release

EDM Weather Reporter: Garth Jones

Michigan-based electronic music producer duo 2Below debuts on High Caliber Records with the release of “Tell Me What You Want”, a riveting, upbeat, and distinctively well-designed bass house track that will have listeners on their feet and shaking their tailfeathers in no time.

From start to finish, TMWYW keeps danceability at the center of focus, so at any moment of the track, you are dazed and mesmerized by its liveliness and luster. The tantalizing vocal bits in the track complement the atmosphere of the release, maintaining that late-night feel that this effortlessly garners.

2Below does an exceptional job of developing an anthemic end-of-summer tune for house music fanatics, bass house lovers, and just about anyone who needs a reason to hit the dancefloor with their pals.

pictured: 2Below

2Below shares their insight on the songwriting process:

“Tell Me What You Want” was written specifically to stand out. We originally wrote this track with classic bass house in mind while incorporating elements that would make the track more memorable.

The sound design includes both heavy and deep synths in order to keep the crowd guessing, and the vocals provide a more melodic element to the track. Our tracks start with messing with the sound design, once we find something that fits our mood the track rhythms and fills fall into place.

Our goal is to make tracks that will hit hard on the dance floor and make you want to find the track after the show is over.

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