Kuuží Hits The Brakes w/ Deep Bass “Impala” EP via Rewind140 [EP Write-Up]

Wisconsin’s Rising Bass Music Producer Kuuží Releases His New 4-Track EP Titled Impala – Exclusively on the New England-based Rewind140 Record Label

We Chat w/ Kuuží About His EP Impala, Creative Direction, Why It’s Ok To Be Different, + What’s In Store For 2023 & Beyond In Our Exclusive Artist Interview

EDM Weather Reporter: Garth Jones

Wisconsin’s up-and-coming bass music producer Kuuží does a wonky number with his new four-track Impala EP via Rewind140 that’s fresh off the press and we are here to report that it is a complete vibe. Fans of the deep, wonky, laidback, and mind-expanding soundscapes, this EP is right up your alley, so listen up!

From the get-go, you are immediately met with Kuuží‘s exceptional ability to invite listeners into his fearless and boundariless proof of concept that is ever-so-perfectly titled ‘Impala‘ – the first up, the title track, and the name of the EP.

As you mindfully traverse to the second track to the EP, “Selektah” turns it up a couple of notches, amplifying the wubs and basslines for a more danceable track. While the track is cohesively structured, there are plenty of surprises to fully immerse yourself in before the track’s bittersweet end.

Third up, the collaborative effort with Stone titled “Anatomy” comes into center focus and we are sent on a one-way ticket to the moon. The welcoming and atmospheric soundscapes are a true highlight and give the track and EP as a whole a breath of fresh air, breaking up the bass-heavy nature in the body of work.

Lastly, the finale to the EP is titled “Trouble” – a mildly adventurous sendoff to the extended play by Kuuží. You can really get lost in his creation and find a sense of mesmerization rushing over your mind and body. A true treat to any and all bassheads, low bassline aficinados, and those folks who love to blast the subwoofers.

From start to finish, Kuuží delivers an experience of the mind for listeners with “Impala”, “Selektah”, “Anatomy”, and conclusively with “Trouble” – let’s catch up with him in our interview below to get a glimpse of what he may see through his creative lens!

pictured: Kuuží

Q1. Your EP, Impala is OUT NOW on Rewind140 to the masses in all its glory. What sort of creative process, motivations, and feelings went into Impala?

Kuuží: I pride myself on being authentic and genuine to who I am as an individual and when I started this project I wanted to give everyone a glimpse into all the different parts of my personality that make up who I am. Each track in its own way is like a mini-tour through different parts of my mind and soul, which in all honesty is all over the place!

So many different genres, cultures, and experiences all inspire me greatly and I wanted to incorporate as much of that love as I could into these tracks.

However, at the end of the day, I just wanted a project that was unequivocally me, something that would let people know what I’m about and I like to think I succeeded in that! 

Q2. The overall vibe of this EP is low basslines, wobbly, and wonky feels. Where does this inspiration come from?

Kuuží: Honestly, my whole life I have just felt sort of different and really struggled to find my sense of belonging. I looked at the people around me and often thought because my interests and desires weren’t the same as theirs that I was wrong and needed to change to become more ‘normal’. It took a lot of soul-searching and conversations with people that loved and cared about me to realize IT IS OKAY TO BE DIFFERENT and now I try to embrace that as much as possible.

Self-love is always going to be a journey but at the moment I am very happy with who I am and I want to share it with anyone who cares to listen!

pictured: Kuuží

Q3. Now that your Impala EP is out, what’s next for Kuuží?

Kuuží: Focusing on the music and the community behind it. I don’t concern myself about bookings or label releases or anything like that, don’t get me wrong those are still aspirations I have but lately, my mindset has been to trust the process and good things will come.

I know if I keep honing my craft and releasing quality music that people can connect with I will get where I ultimately want to be!

pictured: Kuuží

Q4. Arguably, we all get help in our journeys through life. Who all helped, had a hand, or deserves a shout-out for the creation and development of Impala?

Kuuží: First off I need to thank anyone who has ever shared my content, seen me live, or even just clicked play on a single track of mine. The love I feel from the people who support me is unreal and inspires me every day.

Some people really went above and beyond though and this project just straight up would not have happened if it weren’t for them, my fiancé Erin who gave me advice and support every step of the way, my very good friend Stone who is also featured on the EP has also been incredible in offering all his knowledge and expertise, my boy Elias Wentworth for the incredible cover art, the homie LSTree for mastering the tracks, and last but not least Ryan Buck and the whole Rewind140 team for believing in me and giving me the opportunity to release this project!

Q5. Who’s on your radar right now? In your eyes who’s going to explode in 2023?

Kuuží: The EDM/Dubstep community is in such an amazing place right now which is super exciting! I’m not lying when I say the homies LSTree and Stone are names that you are going to hear a lot more over these next couple of years, both are incredibly motivated and unique artists and I can not wait to see what’s next for them!

Perma-Trip is a duo that had a massive 2022 and I know they are only going to follow it up with an even bigger 2023.

Lastly, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Rethink and the Stance Audio crew, devoted to the sound and true to their roots I know these guys have great things in store! 

pictured: Kuuží

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