Evalution – Gahdam: Nightenjin Records Release [Track Write-Up]

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[ By: Brandon Missig ]

“I made ‘GAHDAM’ right around the time I started stepping out of my comfort zone sound design-wise, And I wanted to make something that sounded really different from my past productions! I remember it taking me a little bit to clean up the flow of the track once all of the bass parts were made, but the little percussive elements and FX really helped keep this one riding throughout the drops!”

– Evan Cazes, Evalution

Evalution, a Florida-based producer from Tallahassee delivers another strong dubstep tune with his track Gahdam off Canadian label, fashion, and event brand Nightenjin.

The song starts off with a very long and powerful build. It’s a lush and dramatic entrance that makes you want to jump and clap along, it’s such an effective build that it could probably go anywhere for the drop in a DJ context. Evalution’s usual use of hip-hop-esque hooks for the face of the song is more sparse in this one which has a heavy focus on the builds and bass sound design.

The drops themselves are both weird and wonky. It has a typical boom bap style beat with a melodic call-and-response bass pattern using massive wubs and weird bleepy wonks. The fills are short but hit hard with sub-filled toms, the percussion in general is very diverse and layered with different clunky and blippy noises. It has an old-school/new school kind of vibe to it, which continues with the bit crushed and detuned chords that drive the bridge.

Another effective build sends us into the second drop which is a little bit more aggressive and introduces several more interesting UFO effect sounds. This is definitely a solid release which is reminiscent of all the upbeat and popular sounds that came from 2012 era dubstep.

Crates I’m putting this into:
Wubs and Wonks, Club Bass, Invasion Trap

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