Philly’s Boutta Unveils His Debut 8-Track Album “Alternative Bass Music Revolution” – Showcasing The Bass Music of Tomorrow [Album Write-Up]

Boutta Takes Us On A Sonic Journey Through Sound w/ 8 Tracks via Debut Album “Alternative Bass Music Revolution” – Featuring 6 Solo Works + 2 Collabs Featuring – Up There, Rayn, and SLOKEY

We Chat w/ Boutta About His Debut Album, Creative Processes, Challenges, + Plans For The Rest Of 2023

EDM Weather Reporter: Garth Jones

Philidelphia‘s rising bass music producer, and Gciasas Artist Group‘s very own – Boutta, is celebrating the release of his debut self-released full-length eight-track album “Alternative Bass Music Revolution” (ABMR) – and we are here in the heart of the storm to report on the booming coverage.

Spanning the eight installments of the album, Boutta showcases true prowess, musical capability, and self-expression through each track, collectively making up the album.

The six individual works, as they appear chronologically via ABMR are Hello, Here I Am“, “One Step Closer“, “Haunted“, “Roll With The Punches“, “The Song That Took Too Long“, and lastly, “Different Language“.

ABMR garners two collaborative efforts. One being the experimental bass production titled “Full Circle” which includes burgeoning extraterrestrial electronic duo Up There and Brooklyn-based rising bass music artist Rayn, and secondly, “Smoke Screen” – a vibrant and wildly addictive collaboration with Philidelphia-based singer, multi-instrumentalist, and DJ, SLOKEY.

Boutta does an exceptional job at bringing multiple (sub)genres together under one harmonious roof within his well-received revolution. Consisting of the album, you can expect to hear a myriad of sounds and tributaries of genres. Punk, lo-fi, hip-hop, and dubstep, along with a multitude of mood-altering, thought-provoking, and mind-opening soundscapes that populate this album.

Trust us, this album is a fervent exploration of the mind and mesmerizing display of skill to take listeners on a journey through the mind of an artist, by an artist.

From the switch-ups between genres, tempos, melodies, vibes, and emotions; this album is a true testament of where today’s freshman class of tomorrow’s headliners are headed.

Each track and collab are a jaunt through the possibilities of sound and cohesively come together as a consonant body of work. Each freeform sound, calculated drop, and the unexpected bits make sense and fit ever-so-perfectly in the album. A true treat to electronic music aficionados and bass music enthusiasts.

All of which, are mixed, mastered, and ready for you to explore as the alternative side of bass music, a revolution presented by Boutta.

Boutta shares this comment w/ us:

“Alternative Bass Music Revolution” demonstrates a brand-new side to bass music. Creativity is not forced into one genre or style but an honest [and] pure expression of sound. – Boutta

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[Let’s Chat w/ Boutta]

Q1: Welcome to our storm, Boutta! For anyone who doesn’t know, can you briefly tell us about yourself and the music you make?

Boutta: Thank you for having me! The Boutta project is something that after many years finally feels like home. I’ve been in music since my teens, rapping with friends in high school transformed into DJing at college parties and now I’ve created something that truly means something to me and is a part of me. The music I make is an accumulation of sound that I was raised on all the way till now, I like to describe my sound as “Alternative Bass”. That sound is on full display on my debut album!

Q2: Your debut album is titled ‘Alternative Bass Music Revolution‘ – can you expand on the title and what it means to you?

Boutta: The name “Alternative Bass Music Revolution” resonated with me after my first year with the Boutta alias. Instead of releasing singles or signing records, I wanted to put together an honest demonstration of the sound I’m looking to create with no pressure or deadlines. The title name is the start of something beautiful and I hope my listeners enjoy it as much as I did making it. 

Q3: Creating an album is no easy feat. What was the biggest challenge and how did you overcome it?

Boutta: Honestly, the biggest challenge for me writing this album was trying to decide if the song I was working on at that time fit the vibe and sound for this album. Some songs I wrote over the last year sounded up to par but not for this project. 

Q4: Can you share some insight into your general creative process? Where does something of this scale start or come from?

Boutta: For this album, I wanted to give myself creative freedom so weeks would go by without producing then I would get some sort of inspiration or idea and before I need it I’d have a few songs pumped out over the course of a few days. I’d then go back and figure out which songs I felt fit this project’s direction the most, polish them up, and get them exactly where I want them

Q5: You mentioned to us that – “ABMR is a demonstration of a brand new side of bass music and it’s an honest pure expression of sound” What types of emotion(s) were expressed through the album’s development?

Boutta: I wanted Alternative Bass Music Revolution to be the start of something new and refreshing. Taking my roots including hip-hop, punk, lo-fi, and blending them with new-age bass sounds was so much fun. I believe my listeners will feel the same emotions I did while creating this project, joy, and excitement.

Q6: How does it feel to have this body of work ready to be consumed by the masses?

Boutta: I feels surreal honestly! I spend a lot of time writing, mixing, mastering, and compiling this project into something I can be proud of and that I know my audience will respond to.

Q7: What’s next for Boutta now that ABMR is out now?

Boutta: I always say “the grind never ends”. Consistency is key and I plan on writing more this year and preparing for something even greater for in 2024!

Q8: Give anyone a loud and loving shoutout who had a helping hand or inspired you to create ABMR and whomever else you see fit!

Boutta: I want to thank my Mom & Dad for always believing in me, and my girlfriend for her endless support. Shoutout to Slokey, Up There, and Rayn for making some incredible collaborations on this project. And a final thank you to my friend Kyle Coolbaugh for bringing my brand’s vision to life and going above and beyond on the album art!

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