CVPTVGON, Dank Frank, Volume Unit, & Scafetta Take Over Rochester, NY on April 29th [Event Write-Up]

3rd Dimension & Scafetta Bring Out CVPTVGON, Dank Frank, Volume Unit, w/ Stacked Local Lineup To Rochester, NY’s Photo City Music Hall on April 29th

Storm Coverage By: Garth Jones

CVPTVGON, Dank Frank, Volume Unit, Scafetta, LURK3R, BossTune, Basha, Conundrum, Cypher, McThuggin, and Wavy Jones all set forth to perform at Photo City Music Hall in Rochester, New York on April 29th split across two rooms in a huge venue. Having this much talent on one bill seems to good to be true, but luckily we are to back its legitimacy.

You can expect to hear wonky bass, dubstep, and trap tunes all night long from these headliners, direct support, and openers. From open to close, your minds and necks are at the will of the lineup with its diverse mixture of bass subgenres sure to send folks into a frenzy.

Your headliners CVPTVGON and Dank Frank have their recent bass music collab with Alpha Transmission titled “Denizens Of Donk” resting in their arsenal for this event. Each of their sets are about to go off!

pictured: CVPTVGON

Volume Unit has his recent collab with BASSFACE titled “Drought” which is released on the Lofreq label’s Cypher Vol. 4 Compilation. Definitely a track to listen out for and artist to check out when he takes the stage in Rochester with the rest of this lineup.

Scafetta has been consistently been grinding all year long. Not only has he been announced for several events for spring and summer, but he keeps dropping tunes left and right. Plus, they’re all bangers! Just like his recently released “RAVETOTHEGRAVE” single. Surely being a knockout experimental and upbeat “techno meets bass” track to get the crowd moving.

pictured: Scafetta

The local lineup consists of LURK3R, BossTune, Basha, Conundrum, Cypher, McThuggin, and Wavy Jones, all of which will set the pace for the night so come out early, grab a drink, and check out their sets!

Venue Address: 543 Atlantic Ave #2 Rochester, NY 14609

This event is 21+

More Info + Tickets
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CVPTVGON and Scafetta will both perform at: Astral Abyss Music Festival in Waynesville, Missouri on August 24th – 26th with many more like Walter Wilde, HIGHSOCIETY, BLAQOUT, blurrd vzn, and Mr. Bill. (Read more)

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