DJ Super Will – Releases An Electrifying EP via Trashed Panda Music Titled – ‘Smile Bomb’

DJ Super Will Lights Up Smiles Around The World With Four Tracks On The – ‘Smile Bomb’ – Extended Play via Detroit’s Trashed Panda Music Records Label

Coverage By: Tate Beumel

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a superb EP, Smile Bomb, coming your way a truly wonderful artist, DJ Super Will! I had the opportunity to catch a bit of his set at the Flint, MI event, DropFest and it was nothing but good vibes and a dance floor with bodies moving!

This EP, releasing via Detroit based label Trashed Panda Music, comes loaded with solid grooves and bouncy beats. From beginning to end, you will catch yourself wanting to dance around or least tap your feet to the rhythm. It will showcase a mix of Jersey Club and Electro-House genres to give you a delicious blend of upbeat yet experimental sounds to feed your ears!

We kick things off with “Tell Me What You Know”, a fast tempo track that grips the airwaves with a catchy lead synth to keep the party rocking, driving it home with some chopped up vocals to really bring the song together! Next, we got a certified bop of a remix of Werkout Plan’s “That’s Detroit”, that speaks for itself when it comes to the funk and underground vibes.

Perfect” featuring the beautiful vocals of Honey-B-Sweet, turns up the heat and gets the room jumping with a bombastic beat, keeping you on the floor and ready for more!

To finalize this masterful music journey, “Bleed” comes out with a bumping vibe and beyond unique sound design, it’s truly my favorite track off the EP and I can’t wait to hear what your favorite is!

Thanks to DJ Super Will for giving the Monsoon Season team the opportunity to preview this work of art, and be sure to follow him on the socials to keep up with his continuous success and progress along his musical career, and don’t forget to check out, Smile Bomb via Trashed Panda Music!

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