Ironhide Puts His Mechanical Flip On Downlink’s “BASS WAR” [Track Write-Up]

Rising Bass Music Artist Ironhide Revamps His 2018 Bootleg of Downlink‘s “Bass War” Hit w/ NEW Dubstep Flip Exclusively On SoundCloud

Storm Coverage By: Curator Presents

In this installation of Curator Coverage, we visit an absolute banger released nearly 6 years ago, but given a modern take on one of dubstep’s rising stars, Ironhide. Back when Downlink dropped this track, I remember it being played out by the heaviest of heavy bass artists, and it was even tossed into Excision’s set as his night closer on the Paradox Tour!

Now, fast forward to 2023, where life is weird and nothing makes sense, The don Ironhide sets the planet back into alignment as he  revives the heavy bass banger known as “Bass War”.

This time around, instead of insanely gnarly sustain bases and rising pitches, it is the “all out warfare” styled machine gun basses and devastating drums we have all come to know and love from Ironhide.

The intro instantly begins to introduce subtle differences from the original track, including a killer hi hat pattern that adds a nice, subtle flow of movement and energy to what used to be a fairly plain section to the song. When the iconic siren basses blare, Ironhide decided to introduce this hyper-paced synth lead in the background.

I assume to add more hype because this build and tension seriously gives me anxiety in all of the right ways. Meanwhile, he also added this extra stuttering type effect to the sustain bass barking that adds a new vibe all around to the intro. Truly a clever creative decision. 

When that first drop hits you, it is pure devastation. The low ass gritty end on the machine gun basses completely shakes your bones until they have melted away to nothing. Instantly captivating, Ironhide puts on full display the power of his basses as they smash and crash alongside the kick and snare.

Sticking true to its roots, he uses the original bass as a supporting bass during this drop which again i find a creative idea for flipping this track. The sub bass sits just right and does not tend to overstay its welcome in the overall mixdown, which in my opinion helps the guns stick out ever so slightly.

The B Section of this drop is equally as intense as the pattern becomes slightly more intense and hyper, while also incorporating some of the iconic growls downlink used in the original. 

Listening to this modern flip honestly brings me back to a time where I wish I could go back to. A time where literally my entire life was simply just listening and enjoying the music. This track benefits from a sense of nostalgia alongside the anxiety driven intensity and cinematic elements that it kind of gets the benefits of hitting many feelings and emotions, all in a refreshing, machine gun-blasted filled flip presented by Ironhide

Listen to Ironhide’s Flip of Downlink’s BASS WAR

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