Astral Abyss Music Festival Reveals FULL Lineup for Aug 24th-26th in Waynesville, MO [Event Write-Up]

Blurrd vzn, Scafetta + MANY MORE Announced for Astral Abyss Festival presented by Filth Element Productions

Storm Coverage By: Garth Jones


Mr. Bill will join your 2023 headliners Walter Wilde, BLAQOUT, CVPTVGON, HIGHSOCIETY, Blurrd vzn, and Scafetta for Astral Abyss Music Festival.

pictured: Mr. Bill | by: @c_mckeen

They are all set to annihilate The Shrine Camp in Waynesville, Missouri on August 24th, 25th, and 26th, for camping, dancing, and bass music debauchery on the all new mainstage called “The Kraken” and side stage called “The Nebula“.

Direct support will be provided by: ADVM BOMB, Barooka, CRiiOZ, Entravert, PROTOCOL, Thred, FAHY-Z, Fossils, Geeku, Indigenous, Krushendo, Meechie Murda, Miownize, R3MARK, Ridley Slim, and Spacebass.

A special quadruple back to back (B2B) performance by ADVM BOMB, CHUTEZ & LADDERZ, TWISTED, and R3MARK will also happen!

FUN FACT – CHUTEZ & LADDERZ, TWISTED, and R3MARK all make up the PROTOCOL trio, who is slated to play this fest.

Opening sets can be expected from rising undercards: Atreus, Coshiki, Oceanz, Darkwood, Dredz, Esoter, GR33ZY, HODJ, Hyper Digital, IWOLF, Joe Blush, King Qizzlim, Kuhlosul, Kurv, Mempo, ONYX, Percussive Trip, Ruger, Ryan Richardson, SENSEI, Sneff, Squidnee, Subrosa…, SUBSICC, SVDE, The Rico Suave, Tokaan, Wayjay, and Window Units.

As far as the festival goes, camping is included with the purchase of the admission to the 3-day festival. So, you don’t need to worry about buying new passes on top of your purchase to the event.

VIP passes include: Astral Abyss T-Shirt, Astral Abyss Lanyard, Astral Abyss Poster & Free Open Bar in VIP Area (Camping Pass Included)

Although, if you are bringing in an RV to the festival, their will be a pass for sale to acquire a permit for your RV. Pavilion passes are also for sale online for the festival which can be purchased HERE.

The festival is 18+ and 21+ to consume or buy alcohol.

Venue location/address: 26920 Nn-333, Waynesville, MO 65583, USA

Festival Sponsors: Mad Hatter’s Emporium

Let’s Chat w/
Ryan Collins of Filth Element Productions

Q1. Thanks for chatting with us! What can fans, attendees, and campers expect from the festival property location, music stages, and campgrounds at The Shrine in Waynesville, MO

Ryan: The Shrine and Astral Abyss have many features worth noting! This is a large space, with a lot of potential that we plan to utilize. Most camping is car camping, so you’ll be able to bring your vehicle to your spot instead of lugging all of your gear into the grounds and up the paths.

Camping is also included with your entry ticket, so no need for any extra fees just to sleep comfortably. Another big thing we’re excited to offer is FREE showers! We see this as a necessity and would not want to take that luxury away from our attendees. The camping areas are very shaded and well taken care of.

We will have 2 stages, and music will run until 5am each day! We are bringing out a new stage for Main Stage (The Kraken), which will feature a BUNCH of LED panels (wall), beams, and lasers. Paired with a full Element 5 system provided by Tribal Roots, it’s guaranteed to blow some minds. Our side stage (Nebula Stage) will be extremely decorated and have many lights to make our acts pop so much more. Paired with a full VOID system provided by Midwest Audio Tech, it’s something you definitely want to check out.

Also, we can’t forget the b2b2b2b! Both stages will also be complemented by visual performers. 

Q2. What kinds/types of food options, vendors, or merchandise will be available for the attendees of the festival? 

Ryan: There will be a variety of vendors available to choose from! Between clothing, jewelry, food, and more, there’s more than enough to look at and choose from. We are also conscious of our vegan and gluten sensitive attendees, so we are making sure that’s an available option. We are still looking for more vendors, and you can apply through the form on our event page! 

Vendor Application: Click Here

Q3. Seeing this is a camping festival as well, what type of activities will be offered for campers and attendees from sun up to sun down? 

Ryan: We will have workshops throughout the day, and music throughout the night. Campers are encouraged to bring stuff to keep them busy in the camping area throughout the night. 

Q4. The music selection and lineup are very impressive and well-curated. Although, will there be areas to get away from the music for peace, quiet, and meditation? 

Ryan:  Of course! The camping area is far from both stages, and we will have open spots in the middle of the woods available for some peace and quiet. At night, our workshops area will be transformed into a spot to hang out and relax. 

Q5. What types of safety, medical, or harm-reduction services will be on-site for attendees of Astral Abyss

Ryan:  Astral Abyss will have a fully stocked medical tent at the front of the grounds, paired with an experienced medical team. We will also have free test kits available, along with Narcan. Our security and medical staff will be wearing reflective vests so they will be easy to spot. Our guests safety is our number one priority.

Q6. What may surprise guests from this year’s festival? We understand if you can’t leak much but we are curious if there are any surprises up your sleeve! 

Ryan: We can’t leak much! But, this festival has had a lot of planning and prep work under it. Our attendees are going to be amazed when they arrive. We are doing our best to completely set the theme and bring something The Shrine has never experienced before. 

Thank you to the hosts and team at Filth Productions; Ryan Collins, Jeff Wright, and Cooper Dunn for their time and attention to detail for this year’s Astral Abyss Music Festival.

Check out this: Astral Abyss Spotify Playlist to get you HYPED – stacked with over 50 songs from artists on the lineup!

Here are 10 Opening & Supporting Acts
You Don’t Want To Miss

Why check out the openers and supporting talent? Support is EVERYTHING for rising musicians in any industry. Even just checking out an act for 5 minutes is monumental for them! Plus, finding new music and artists is always fun!

Ridley Slim – Colorado

Kuhlosul – British Columbia

The Rico Suave – Colorado

Entravert – Arizona

HODJ – California

ADVM BOMB – California

Fossils – Wisconsin

Thred – Minnesota

PROTOCOL North Carolina, Florida, California

CRiiOZ – Michigan

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