Realm Walker Revs Engines w/ “Intergalactic Interstate” [Track Write-Up + Artist Interview]

Realm Walker Uplifts The Masses w/ NEW Big Room House Single “Intergalactic Interstate” & Answers Sizzling Questions For Us About His Cosmic Tune, Music Goals + More

Storm Coverage By: Garth Jones

Realm Walker takes a step into the cosmos to add his third installment to his dance-forward discography. This go-around we make contact with Intergalactic Interstate, a high-rev big room house track that is bursting with vivacious underpinnings to keep listeners buckled into their seats for the entire ride.

What you can enjoy instantly is the uplifting soundscapes and upbeat energy that comes from the intro. Right off the bat, Realm Walker keeps the center focus as spirited and joyous.

Utilizing a thumping four-on-the-floor drum beat that is accompanied by melodious snippets of catchy leads making you want to get up out of your seat and dance.

Realm Walker is no student driver when it comes to putting energy first for his listeners and this single is another proof of that statement. With Final Hope and Journey as his latest releases, this third addition with Intergalactic Interstate is going to pave the road further for his dance music career.

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Let’s Chat w/ Realm Walker

Garth asks: Where did your music journey begin? What led you to produce and how it got you to where you are today as Realm Walker?

Realm Walker: I have always had a deep love for music going as far back as I could remember. Whether it was jazz, rap, hip hop and even country. I’ve always listened to and loved music. When I was in high school, I got introduced to EDM by randomly finding it on a Pandora Radio. From the time I first heard it I knew I wanted to make it. To make music like Avicii was my ultimate goal.

I tried time and time again to create music and always gave up after a week, month at most. After high school, I was trying to do many different things and decided to give producing another try and this time it stuck. I started learning music theory, learned the guitar, worked with mentors and did everything I can to learn as much as possible.

That leads us to today, still working with mentors, still striving to learn more, still pushing harder every day to make that goal of making music like Avicii, a reality.

Garth asks: Your new track Intergalactic Interstate garners high energy and showcases big-room house vibes. Where did the idea to create this transpire? 

Realm Walker: The idea for that song came when I was listening to some big room W&W style music and dancing around my room for at least an hour. Then I just got struck with motivation and an idea for a big-room-esc melody hit me. I immediately got to work, getting the idea made, riding the motivation and by the end of the day I had a finished idea which was this song. I went back and made tweaks over time and eventually got it good to go.

Garth asks: Your latest track, Final Hope is an upbeat styled house track, and now Intergalactic Interstate is here for the masses to enjoy. What would you say are the typical qualities of the two tracks that may be similar as well as different?

Realm Walker: I think the most clear difference people will notice is the increase in energy. Intergalactic [Interstate] is way higher energy carrying a stronger link to big-room with the saw leads carrying the drop and moments in the drop where the energy drops in a way then comes back in full swing. The style of the melody is a constant between the 2 songs and really all my music. I love the plucky melodies with good movement. It is one of the things that I love about the music I listen to. I use sustained notes for some melodies but more often than not they are short and quick notes.

Garth asks: What’s next for you, Realm Walker? What more can we expect this year? 

Realm Walker:  I currently have another 9 songs on the schedule for release this year with the potential for more. Over the coming months the listeners will see a drastic shift in the quality and style of the music. I have begun my move from high energy, big-room style music to a more progressive house, vocal focused style. Stepping more into an emotional vibe that really hits home with the listeners and actually has an impact on them deep down. The goal is to start playing shows and getting some label releases by the end of this year but that is all down to how the cookie crumbles. I do not expect it but I am surely pushing for it!

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