Astroreign – cyberSTORM Guest Mix Series [Artist Spotlight + Interview]

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[Australia-based] bass music artist Astroreign descends down through our atmospheres to integrate himself into the cyberSTORM. Our cosmic creator of crescendos is deploying his own style of music, mixing, and outright f**king mental BASS. This gentleman is no stranger in our storm. Astroreign has been on our radar, destroying, and making his presence known since day one. With the constant outpour of music, production live streams, his prolific podcast The Wavetable, and more; this dude cannot be stopped.

[Listen to Astroreign’s cyberSTORM Guest Mix]

Track List:

Space Prince – Enemy Fleet
Akeos – Radio Wave 3-46
NIMDA X DALA – Maladour
MARAUDA – Future Stomp
MVKUTA – Death’s Door
FLICK – Pain Toys
Jool & Akeos – Voltage Disk
AKVMA – Kaiju
Meregodz – Hybrid Screech
Slang Dogs – Crypt
SLVDGY – CRASHED [Astroreign Remix]
Tom The Freak x Beyond – Blaspheme
Evilnoiz – Terror
Astroreign – The Rapture
Skitzoid – Sentinal
Barely Alive – Wompum (Skrybe Remix)
Astroreign – Found You Wanting
Astroreign – Centrifuge
Kai Wachi x PhaseOne – Death Waltz
Astroreign – Burn The Witch
Astroreign – ID
MANCER – Blood Machine
Into Ash – Bop
Astroreign – ID
Astroreign – ID
Leotrix – Emoboy303 (SIDE)
Spag Heddy – Get To U [Astroreign Remix]
Astroreign – ID
Kayzo ft. Blessthefall – Before The Storm
Axen x Code: Pandorum – Overlord
The Anix – Die With You [Astroreign Remix]
SWARM x LeKtriQue – Silver Ghost (ft. Brian Lenington)
Astroreign – ID
HVDES – Human
Vekta – Among Us [Astroreign Remix]
Astroreign – ID


[Interview: Astroreign]

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Q1: What was your favorite part about this mix? Making it and preparing for it? 

A1: My favorite part about this mix was literally learning how to make a mix. The process of figuring out which songs go together, what order they should go in, etc. I know it’s not perfect on a technical level, but I’m happy I got to play so many tunes from people I love.

Q2: Any certain tracks that are extra special? Which one(s) and why?

A2: Ok ok I’ll give you my top 3!
(in order of appearance on the mix)
1Skrybe‘s remix of Wompum by Barely Alive. I can’t control myself when I hear that tune! I saw him play it live and ever since then I love it, even more, every time I hear it.
2) Kai Wachi x PhaseOneDeath Waltz. This tune is simply dubstep in the most metal way possible.
3) LeotrixEmoboy303 (SIDE). This song really resonates with me despite the fact that I didn’t actually know the lyrics until I Googled them just now. The sonic aesthetic of this song was so fresh to my ears that it triggered a reaction in me akin to the first time I heard Skrillex.

Q3: What can we expect from you in 2021?

A3: Towards the end of the mix I threw in some IDs, hopefully, most of them make it out this year! I plan on releasing a tune every 2 weeks, keeping up with The Wavetable Podcast, posting the occasional production-related YouTube video, and perhaps even some live shows.

Q4:If you can leave a message with your fans; what would it be? 

A4: Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to listen to the mix and to read this. I know at this age there are so many things fighting for your attention, so for you to spend it on me really shows your support.


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