Wheysted & Ridley Slim Collab on “Slow Motion” Feat. Undy – A Melodic Bass & Dubstep Storytelling Hit [Track Write-Up + Artist Interview]

Wheysted & Ridley Slim Join Forces on “Slow MotionFeat. UNDY – A Relationship Inspired Melodic Bass Collab + They Both Chat About The Release w/ Us

Storm Coverage By: Garth Jones

Wheysted and Ridley Slim team up to prove to you these burly men can show emotional and creative sides to them through their music with just the right amount of inspiration, creative genius, and a stellar vocalist (UNDY) under one roof.

Ridley Slim being from Denver, Colorado and Wheysted being from Los Angeles, California, allow their worlds to collide via “Slow Motion” feat. UNDY – a heartstring plucking melodic bass collab which garners heavy dubstep drops to add texture that not only has deep meaning but representative contrast between the happy and sad aspects of relationships.

What they and the featured vocalist, UNDY have created with “Slow Motion” is flooring via it’s powerful dubstep drops and outright emotionally captivating with the stunning vocals. This collab will easily leave listeners wanting more melodic infused dubstep from these musicians and pronto.

pictured: Ridley Slim | GILT Nightclub

Wheysted & Ridley Slim share with us before the interview:
When writing Slow Motion, Ridley Slim and I, really wanted to capture the emotion of a relationship and a breakup. The melodic Intro is to highlight the good times. But, when the break comes in the atmosphere changes – the mood darkens and the attitude shifts. This is why we chose to write dubstep drops to this track.
To showcase how a breakup puts you through a lot of emotions. Rage being one. We hope the audience feels these emotions all throughout the track.

pictured above: Wheysted

Slow Motion feat. Undy is OUT NOW on Spotify

Let’s Chat w/ Wheysted & Ridley Slim

Question 1: Slow Motion is here and ready for the masses to enjoy and delve into its uplifting melodic feels and rollercoaster dubstep drops. What sort of emotions did each of you contribute to the creation of this collab? 

They both respond: We set out to create an emotional intro and breakdown that used incorporated clock sounds with the instrumentals that emphasized the feeling one might encounter when traumatic or emotional upsetting events occur 

Question 2: With the rise of more emotional electronic music on its upward trajectory with no stabilization in sight; do you feel this subgenre will a mainstay in each of your discographies? 

Wheysted:  It’s probably my favorite stuff to produce. Hearing Island by Wooli, Trivecta, and Seven Lions really put me on to how a song can connect with a user emotionally and also have dubstep in one song. It’s a genre I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of producing in my career.

pictured: Wheysted | GILT Nightclub

Ridley Slim: Most definitely yes for me. I have really started to focused on future bass lately and will continue to add more to my discography for the next several years 

Question 3: You mentioned you wanted to “capture the emotion of a relationship and a breakup“. Do you feel Slow Motion hits on those emotions or are we in store for a VIP or part two maybe? 

Wheysted:  I think we 100% did, with the melodic intro that slowly transgresses into a heavy dubstep drop. The emotion evolves rapidly through the track and I think it’s one of the biggest listening points of this track for me. And about the VIP… haha if you ask Ridley Slim about spending time in the studio with me, he knows that we have enough material from this track to easily write a VIP. Maybe if it gets enough popularity we could make that happen 

Ridley Slim: I feel Wheysted and I captured the emotions in our melody and Undy definitely brings those feelings to the forefront with her lyrics and amazing vocals.

pictured: Ridley Slim | GILT Nightclub

Question 4: What’s next for each of you in 2023? More music, more events, or even more collabs we can look forward to on the storm radar? 

Wheysted: Besides the collab Ridley mentioned, I have my Gym EP coming out over the next few months that I’m super excited about. Also have a collab in the works with a producer I looked up to even before I got into producing. and I’m doing an official remix for another great artist that may be in the same style as this track. Hopefully coming this summer!

Ridley Slim: Wheysted and I have another collab that we are in the process of wrapping up that is brostep/tearout style, so we will definitely be working on more this year. It has been a blast working with Wheysted and look forward to more. I currently wrapped up 4 new future bass songs, one of which is a collaboration with Festivillainz that I am very excited about.

I currently have over 30 unreleased songs so far with more to come. I have collaborations in the works with Wheysted, STVNK FVCE, Scaffeta, Festivillainz, Nimbvs, Rylah, Crvntis, and Aaron Kruk to name a few.

I am super pumped about the show bookings I have lined up so far this year to include Astral Abyss Music Festival where I will be a direct support artist. 

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