Spritzur & Frankie Sinn Finesse Us w/ “Festival Freak” [Track Write-Up]

Festival Season Is In The Air w/ Spritzur & Frankie Sinn‘s NEW Anthemic Dubstep/Rap Banger Titled “Festival Freak”

Storm Coverage By: Garth Jones

We all know when festival season is upon us and in the air when major festivals and outdoor venues are dropping lineups left and right, in wait for freakish festival fanatics to start planning, purchasing, and putting forth the energy into their busy spring/summer plans.

pictured above: Spritzur

Here we are in January of the new year and Spritzur & Frankie Sinn are reminiscing with the release of “Festival Freak” – a rap forward bass hit just before the alluring 2023 festival season slides into action.

pictured above: Frankie Sinn

As Frankie Sinn puts it “First imma play Okeechobee, then imma play Rolling Loud. I’m trying to play out at Lost Lands – I’m gonna go jump in the crowd. I wanna play at Buku, I wanna play at EDC. I wanna jump in the moshpit – b***h I’m a Festival Freak.”

There is a multitude of festival name drops throughout the entirety of the collaborative effort here and it gives the listener a serious dose of FOMO (fear of missing out).

For any/all seasoned festival freaks who have so many admission wristbands on their person, who have seen headlining acts perform in the double digits, and who survive on vendor food and overpriced cigarettes – this track is for you and the memories within should flow like water.

Spritzur adds the right amount of elemental soundscapes to the track to where it doesn’t overpower the track, bit simply supplements the nature of the track with Frankie Sinn.

You want to be reminded of the festival freak inside of all of us – and this perfect portioning of rap and electronic music is the exact number we all aim to hear in search of hybridized genres combos.

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