Scafetta Celebrates His Bday w/ New Release “Triple Threat” – A Multi-Genre Banger To Start The Year [Track Write-Up + Artist Interview]

[Buffalo, New York-based] Bass Music Producer Scafetta Starts 2023 Off Heavy w/ “Triple Threat” – A Three Genre Self-Released Banger
We Chat w/ Scafetta About The Release of Triple Threat & His Forthcoming 2023 Year In An Exclusive Interview Below

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First and foremost, Happy Birthday to Scafetta! As we stated before, this Buffalo, NY bass music powerhouse producer starts his 2023 year off packing a serious punch with his new self-released single titled “Triple Threat”

Fresh off the heels of a successful 2022 year; Scafetta knocked out several major label releases, and a number of self-released bangers, played a multitude of events, and leveled up his music career tenfold via his staggering productions. Scafetta is ready to keep the momentum and energy going well into 2023.

Triple Threat showcases three genres in its entirety. Starting with dubstep, climaxing with drum and bass, then sending off with a full dose of heart-pounding house music. All three blend effortlessly and seamlessly as one, making up the first release of 2023 by Scafetta.

This type of multi-genre dexterity and skillful sound structuring is exactly what we can expect from this bass music powerhouse in the forthcoming year. Scafetta tells us more in the interview below on what we can expect – when to expect it, and where we may be able to catch him live this year.

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Question 1: “Triple Threat showcases three genres and blends seamlessly as one. Where did the inspiration and creative direction come from while developing this hit?

Scafetta: Thank you so much! The idea for this track actually came from the artist “Emorfik”. I heard his song “Try Me” and it blew me away. This started my whole “series” of tracks that will do similar switches and styles which will all be dropping in 2023.

pictured above: Scafetta (left) | Emorfik (right)

Question 2: Being this is your birthday, and you are releasing a track the same day; is this tradition for you or more of an example of great work ethic? A mix of the two? 

Scafetta: Id say it’s a little mix of the two but I love to always start the year strong and with my birthday being so close to New Years, I figured that’s the best day to do it! 

Question 3: The new 2023 year is upon us! Filled with goals, resolutions, and aspirations of achieving what we set our minds to. What can we expect from Scafetta this year?

Scafetta:  With 2023 right around the corner, expect at least 15 to 20 new Scafetta tracks this year to release. A lot of them will be self-releases but I do have a few already signed, set to drop in quarter 2. Out-of-state and west coast shows are filling in and the east coast as well. I hope to have a tour rocking in 2023. My biggest goal (other than weight loss) is to play at least one major festival this year. 

Want more Scafetta? Want a taste of what’s upcoming this year? Look no further as Scafetta has released his 2023 Showcase Mix exclusively on SoundCloud

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