Scafetta Gets Cosmic w/ NEW Video Game Inspired Bass Tune – “High On Life” via The Riddim Network [Track Write-Up]

NY-Based Undead Bass Music Rising Icon Scafetta Releases “High On Life” – A Video Game Inspired “Triddim” Tune on The Riddim Network

Storm Coverage By: Garth Jones

Scafetta is back at it with another out-of-this-world creation. As his second release of the year, “High On Life” is a space-centric and “wook” stylized track that will have you feeling like your head is in the stars.

Throughout the 3:45 of astronomical audio, the track keeps you locked in with its solar soundscapes and atmospheric ability to leave you speechless.

pictured: Scafetta

The intro to the track uses echoes and a slow build up to create a position of being lost in space. Then, as the drop hits; a salacious bit from the video games chimes in and chaos ensues.

Spacey soundscapes and usage of distorted white noise backs the track cohesively into the second half. Scafetta uses multiple textured portions of “High On Life” to really drive the power in. A true mindfuck from start to finish.

“High On Life” was heavily inspired by the critically acclaimed video game also titled ‘High On Life‘. Scafetta utilizes vocals from the video game to keep it a full circle experience for listeners to really envelope themselves in the track.

The cosmic creation has already caught the attention of the creators of Rick and Morty. Yep, you heard that right – the creators of the world famous adult cartoon. Now, what they might do with the track or even Scafetta, is up to them but now they know who he is and what he is capable of creating.

This NEW release is exclusively out on The Riddim Network‘s music streaming platforms NOW.

photo by: Double Lens Productions

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