PERSES – “Thicc Headed Lizard” – X.stinct & Drama B | Recall Records Release [Track Write-Up + Artist Interview]

PERSES Returns From 2-Year Hiatus Delivering “Thicc Headed Lizard” w/ X.stinct & Drama B via Recall Records | We Chat w/ The Titan About His Return, Plans for 2023, and His New Collab

Storm Coverage By: Garth Jones

Canadian electronic dance music rising talent known as PERSES returns from a two-year hiatus packing a serious punch with the release of Thicc Headed Lizarda dubstep heater which features the sounds and vocals of X. Stinct & Drama B.

Two years is a long time to take a break and return from. So, we are thrilled to see such intricacy, maniacal development of sound and structuring within the 3:31 that makes upThicc Headed Lizard. With the nestling care and strategic mastery of Recall Records behind the release, this returning Titan has chosen the right home for this gargantuan track.

“Thicc Headed Lizard” combines authoritative rap vocals, woodwind soundscapes, and grimy basslines that all come together seamlessly to keep any listener and audience locked in to revel upon. While the track is steadily and increasingly ascending in stream numbers, the impressive 31K listeners who have already tuned into the track are already thirsty for more.

From start to finish, each corner and crevasse of this release is peppered with elements of contrast. The collective combination of rap, dubstep, and orchestral instruments all cohesively create a synergetic production that any basshead can get down to. A true piece of original art for all melomaniacs and aficionados.

Let’s catch up with PERSES and chat about his highly-anticipated return, Thicc Headed Lizard, and what his insights are on folks who are struggling on an approach to make their own personal returns to their crafts. You are going to want to read this!

Interview w/ PERSES

Question 1: After returning from a two-year hiatus with Thicc Headed Lizard being released on Recall Network, how excited are you to be back, and how does it feel to be releasing heat again?

PERSES: Oh wow, it feels better than ever to be back to releasing music and be fully engaged with my craft in a healthy way. To feel prepared for the journey I have always wanted to be on again is just incomparable. To be unable to do what my soul calls me to do fully has been such a weight these last couple years. In all honesty, I was unsure if I would ever release music again. With that in mind, it has been such an encouraging experience to have that doubt squashed and for my community to still welcome me back with warm reception is just chef’s kiss.

Question 2: Thicc Headed Lizard is a dubstep knockout! Why did you decide to go with heavy bass as your return release genre?

PERSES: I picked heavy bass festival stage worthy banger as my return single style as both a statement that I am here to raise a little hell, move crowds, and to create a perfect full circle moment. My first release with Recall, ‘Aevum’ was heavy bass and I incorporated some nods to ‘Aevum’ in ‘Thicc Headed Lizard’ to pay homage to my relationship with a label team that has always had my back. The future of PERSES does not have a genre limitation by any means, so buckle up. We are about to have some serious fun. PERSES season has begun.

Question 3: 2023 is now upon us and people are ready to rock a new year. What can we expect from the Titan in 2023 that may surprise listeners, fans, and audiences?

PERSES: A TON of new music both original and some treats that will make people recall a certain crystal era. I’m going to be putting out my story hand in hand with the story of PERSES in the form of music, visuals, curation of engaging showcases, and bringing my fans a whole new universe through music.

The collaborations, label partners, and shows I’ve locked in so far have been painstakingly curated to best show my vision. I’ve waited a long time, and it was worth is so that I could give my artistry my healthiest and best efforts, my story and my fans deserve that.

I also have a collective which will be launching as a partner label with Recall Network which will be an arm of my long term musical aspirations beyond my own artistry, my legacy building if you will. Then perhaps there is a really neat project that will be rolling out soon that might sound like I’m behind the production.

That’s all I can say about that.

Question 4: What advice can you give someone who is struggling with a hiatus, returning to their craft, or even someone who feels they need the break but don’t know how to do it?  

PERSES: It is a tough pill to swallow when you are faced with leaving your craft, even temporarily. Sometimes you have to embrace a break or a hiatus, because real life events will not stop. Remember not to hang yourself on this fact.

That is life. Let go of the guilt. The music industry is very strenuous sometimes and can get very overwhelming. I’ve been in places where I thought I would never return to music because I was holding on to a lot of toxic thinking about myself and holding myself responsible for things that were not mine to hold. Once you get that mental and physical clarity and are able to calmly let go, you have the agility to bounce back so much easier and harder than ever.

Once I got that clarity, and I was truly ready to re-approach everything started to fall together. And the joy came rushing back. I’ll leave the one tip of advice that has really stuck with me (even through the hardest of times): Music will always be here. Your loved ones, truly living your life, those are fleeting. Hold on to what is yours to care for, let go of what isn’t. Thank you for listening to my words and my music.

Rising Together, PERSES

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