KERU Releases Massive Sound w/ “No Escape” Single via The Bass Space [Track Write-Up]

NEW MUSIC: Los Angeles’ Rising Bass Music Artist KERU Unleashes A Menacing Dubstep/Screamo Fusion Single “No Escape” on The Bass Space

▼ Let’s Chat with KERU, Learn More About His Tune “No Escape”, More About Him & His Journey into Electronic Music

EDM Weather Reporter: Garth Jones

pictured: KERU

Los Angeles, California is home to a multitude of electronic music producers and DJs, but there are always a few on the ascending rise that catches the attention of the masses, unlike any other they’ve seen in a while. One of those artists is up-and-coming bass music producer KERU and his recent release of “No Escape” under The Bass Space record label.

Once we hit the play button it began to play out and in those first thirty seconds, we knew this was a hit. Listeners and fans can revel in its immediate magnetic appeal that draws you in, making for one experience-driven body of work.

“No Escape” starts off in a dark and ominously cinematic fashion, before the initial drop starts its wind up. The combination of the suspenseful background music with the movie-like score playing out, along with the menacing and abysmal screams used as the pre-drop vocal – all come together for one helluva start to the production.

KERU wastes no time or space in “No Escape”, as every crevasse and crease of the track garners larger-than-life soundscapes and wildly addictive energy that leaves an ember in your mind, burning throughout the rest of the track. Each build-up and drop complements the last and grows in sheer intensity, one after another. The end result is staggering and will have us scratching our heads for weeks. A ten out of ten and a must-listen!

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Let’s Chat w/ KERU


Tell us about “No Escape”, KERU? How did this single come to be?

This song was one of the few songs that started out with a theme. I’ve never been good at video games but I always loved the feeling of anxiety I got every time I would load up into a Call of Duty match. I tried to recreate that with the intro and breakdown section of this track. The drops were made as if each bass sound was a different rifle being shot and the bullets whizz right beside you in a Call of Duty match. I also threw in a meme sound in there for jokes. I try to make all my songs sound dreamy so I try to keep the musical elements in the introductions and breakdown sections to feel as if you are being wrapped around by my sound. This concept worked great on this track since the horns and war drums felt like they were surrounding you.

Can you expand on your creative process, KERU?

“When describing my creative process, I find it to be a kind of “Frankenstein method.” Essentially, I handpick/create a bunch of sounds that sound cool to me and then just toss them into a project. The beauty of this is that if they don’t mesh well together I can easily repurpose everything and rework the composition, leading the song into a completely different direction of what I had originally intended it to go. I never know what is going to happen in every project I start. This approach is more appealing to me since in each project, I approach the creative process with a sense of curiosity, fully aware that the outcome will only unfold as I find every happy accident that ultimately evolves into a beautiful complete track.”

Who inspires you, KERU?

“Throughout the years, I have drawn inspiration from prominent figures in the EDM world, including Skrillex, Panda Eyes, and Zomboy. Lately, though, it is Nasko who serves as my primary source of creative inspiration, I resonate with his musical style and philosophies deeply.”

pic: KERU

What motivates you, KERU?

Above all else, what drives me to keep producing is literally just the sheer joy it brings me. In its simplest form, I do it because it’s fun. The creation process, and the sensation of performing in front of a crowd, it all motivates me to keep going.

What is your end goal with music, KERU?

Looking toward the future, my ultimate aspiration is to share my musical creations with the world. The hope of reaching a global audience, touching the lives of listeners far and wide, fuels my dedication to music making.

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