The Disco Godfathers Bless Us w/ ‘Release Me’: A Highly-Addictive House Tune Banger [Track Write-Up]

The Disco Godfather Bless The Masses w/ Their Self-Released House Anthem Single Titled ‘Release Me

Cloud Coverage By: Garth Jones


As always, it’s a complete blessing to get new music from Toronto, CAN-based The Disco Godfathers. This go-around, we are gifted with their new house track titled ‘Release Me‘. As we said in the subtitle above, a ‘highly-addictive house tune, and we meant it. Hitting repeat is a release from reality, and that’s the best part.

pictured above: The Disco Godfathers

Their newest production titled ‘Release Me‘ is suited with these atmospheric attributes. That too-cool-for-school attitude, dark sunglasses, and loose-fitting clothes type look but as a sound. The personification that thereof, if you will.

The intro starts out in a classic tech house style percussion pattern and a manipulated vocal piece sings out “How Can You Justify, Keeping Me In A Lie, I’m Begging You To Decide, I Need You To Love Me, Or Just Release Me“.

pictured above: The Disco Godfathers

Throughout the whole track is a thunderous energy that carries you in an electric lullaby. A softer variation of their typical repertoire of tunes like ‘Ain’t Free‘, ‘Kamikaze‘, and ‘Let’s Get Movin, but assuredly up their alley and in their wheelhouse of dancefloor dominators.

In their 3+ years as a duo, The Disco Godfathers continuously impresses the masses of the industry, scene, and, outer markets with their insanely refreshing, intoxicating, and urban-inspired house music creations.

What makes this due so unique and unlike most of their musical counterparts/colleagues in the industry is their delivery of fusing modern house music with a 90’s gangster (and/or) mobster-esque type feel in the atmosphere of their creations.

If you like the fusion of hip-hop/rap with varied upbeat house sounds, then these two are exactly what you’ve been looking for this whole time. Fans of Tchami, Malaa, Dr. Fresch, or Drezo, then rejoice as The Disco Godfathers are brass knuckle-bearing, studded-bat beating, house music shotcallers on their way to the top.

Seeing how we just can’t get enough of The Disco Godfathers‘ music, and we have covered several of their tantalizing tracks here on the blog, it’s only naturally fitting to ask them to do an exclusive guest mix for us to put on SoundCloud. Coming to your eardrums very soon, you can too load up, lock in, and show loyalty to the dons themselves this winter.

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