Decent Karrot

Drew Britton, also known as “Decent Karrot” gives us a deeper look into his bass music heavy lifestyle. Colorado raised and New Mexico livin’, this guy knows what is good for you. Trust me, it’s not carrots.

Question 1: Where did you come up with the name ‘Decent Karrot’? Is there a certain backstory to the moniker?

Answer 1: Ahh man, actually, it was heavily influenced by Keys N Krates if I’m being honest. Take a trip into my mind with me for a second; okay, so the year is 2016 and its the first festival I went to after getting out of the Army. This chick in the group I went to Camp Bisco with and I are getting ready to go see KnK spin, after I said the name KnK (Keys N Krates) she asked if I said “Peas and Carrots” but what I heard was “Decent Carrots” and asked to confirm, after hearing myself say Decent Karrots, I was like, “Yo! That would be such a sick DJ name, actually… I think it’s my DJ name!” and it’s been with me since. I do Have a couple side projects as well. One I won’t mention now but the other is Bvd Hvbtz, my boy Guala being the other half of that one. Some pretty wicked releases are coming soon, so be on the lookout!

Question 2: How do you constantly find the energy, drive, and room in your day to balance the bass music lifestyle and being a father?

Answer 2: Music is my life and my daughter gets down with it too, she is barely a year old but I swear she loses it to DnB (drum and bass). She’s a wild child for sure. Super sweet kid and honestly it’s been amazing so far mixing music and parenting together. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. It’s a special feeling you get when you create something and someone you hold dear has a genuine reaction to it. It motivates me to keep going and my passion keeps pushing me through too. I’ll do this until my heart stops.

Question 3: Who do you owe the most when it comes to inspiration? Is there a famous producer who inspires you daily or someone in your day-to-day life who you draw the most from?

Answer 3: Not famous. YET!  I owe a lot of my inspiration to my boy Marcel A.K.A SKNK A.K.A. Sweet Spot, if it weren’t for him and his boo Lil-Bit, I don’t know if I’d be doing what I’m doing today.  I started promoting for this little dope club they use to run called “The Sick Puppy” in Colorado Springs, Colorado. If I’m being honest, to whatever god you believe in, I just did it for the love of music and the free entry didn’t hurt.  The couple offered to pay me all the time, I would tell them I couldn’t take their money and how I just loved this music and wanted to get as many people as possible involved.  I wanted to get the masses together and just get down with everybody and see everyone having a good time. It wasn’t until me and Marcel, who not only ran sh** at this club but also spun, asked me in the car while I was playing some music if I’ve ever considered DJing before. I hadn’t, but he brought me in with open arms and started teaching me on Thursdays at the club before they would open and seeing him still out here pushing to make it inspires me to this day.. as far as day to day goes my daughter is my biggest motivation to be the best version of myself without a doubt.

Question 4: If the offer was on the table, hypothetically. Who would you collaborate with? Why?

Answer 4: Supertask, Sknk, Sprouts, Wylin, Mesqo, VLCN, Troyboi, Hucci, Viskus, Yvga, Ion,  Guala, Mvsstro, Perma-Trip, Galaxy, Wyatt Lawson, Yewz, Dalek One, Distinct Motive, Superave, and Qilin. All of these artists are exactly that, they are artists! I respect each and every last one of these individuals and know most of the people I’ve mentioned personally. There are others I would love to do work with but this is just to name a few. 

Question 5: Given you have seen the likes of the Colorado music scene and the New Mexico music scene and in great totality. What would you change from each state, and, what would you like to shout-out from each state.

Answer 5: You know, I have nothing negative to say about the Colorado scene.. that scene is the reason I am the person I am today.  New Mexico is great too. I love how underground the underground is here in NM.. makes the events that come around that much more special and honestly were blessed with some pretty great venues like The Electric Playhouse, Meow Wolf, and soon a new venue called Revel as well as Effex Night Club and our bigger shows at The El Rey Theater or even The Sunshine Theater are great venues to catch your favorite artist. As far as changes I would make in NM is, maybe the sound systems they run in The Sunshine Theater and El Rey Theater. Honestly sucks hearing great artists on a horrific sound system but other than that maybe just have more of the underground artist visiting our city!  Meow Wolf does an amazing job of this, also, Sub.Assembly, Stimulus, and the Synoptic Project as well!  Colorado… well… Just drink more water!

Question 6:What’s the best meal to eat before a set? Or is it preferred/best to skip out on pre-set meals?

Answer 6: Mmmm is there ever a bad time for tacos or pizza and a hazy?

Question 7: What is/has been the greatest challenge so far in your musical career?

Answer 7: Honestly, producing has easily been my biggest struggle but reading, friends, and YouTube, has been a major help in the process!


Question 8: If you could describe the music you make, how would you do it? Would you make any comparisons?

Answer 8: Tribal, Psy-bass, Minimalist, Dub, Trap, Melodic. Heavily influenced by Sub.mission, Spicybois, Deep Medi Musik, and Mean Mug Music. I also really like Subciety and Oddio.files 

Question 9: Throughout the years, you have played and attended many shows, events, and festivals. What have been your top 3 of each, played and attended?

Answer 9:

Attended: Dead Rocks at Red Rocks Amphitheater (Zeds Dead), Jade Cicada & Detox Unit at Cervantes, Rufus Du Sol @ El Rey Theater. This wasn’t easy!


1. Zullo’s Bistro & Bar. I got to play such a deep underground set and watched the crowd go from one person to all the way filled up. Really good feeling!

2. Effex Nightclub opening for Spag Heddy & L.U.X.

3. Between opening for Rico Act or Jackal & Luude. I’m leaning towards the Jackal show, so many people complimented me for that set and Jackal was a huge Idol of mine when I first started mixing.


Question 10: What new and exciting things are you working on that we here at Monsoon Season can indulge and anticipate upon?

Answer 10: The most exciting news I have is that I will have some originals, remixes, and collaborations releasing this year and will have more then just mixes on my SoundCloud for you guys to tune in on!

Drew, here at Monsoon Season, we are exhilarated with our chat and cannot wait to do a follow-up interview with you in the near future!

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Written by: Garth Jones



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