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by: Andrew Linville Design


There were obviously hundreds of artists we have listened to, worked with, and shared plenty of growth with; but as for our first annual ‘21 To Watch in 2021‘ segment we’ll push out, we are confident these 21 artists, are the ones that will make even MORE massive movements in 2021. As they have all of 2020 as artists, people, and functioning members of the music industry (even at a standstill), they have managed to show no signs of slowing, retracting, or keep their talents at bay.

The hard work, constant presence, and unstoppable delivery of surefire bangers all year long fortified our opinion on where we fervently believe they’ll stay in 2021… and, that is on their way to the top. So please, if you aren’t going to match or supersede their flare, kindly and quietly get out of the way and sit the f**k down. Just kidding have fun boys and girls!


[Colorado-based] BENZO$ came onto our radar in early June of 2020. I was intrigued right away because his music is captivating and thrilling. The hybrid-trap sound and heavy-hitting bass he achieves is all too evident that I knew I had struck silk (gold).
His spider web of tracks we found extra sticky were Benzo$pider, Outta Here Ft. Rico Act, and Pull Up, up to mix from us in July (nightLIGHT Guest Mix Series) and the other closing out December (today) which is in the brightBEATS Guest Mix Series in addition to his prolific reign  in the music world as he continues to climb the web-like ranks. There is no antidote available for this strike. They attack!

[Texas-based] BLAIZE came on to our radar in 2020. In this short amount of time (8 months or so) he has surprised, shocked, and excited us in every facet of the word. Not to mention his blaring ability to captivate masses with insurmountable bass under the BLAIZE name and crown. With heavy-hitters under his belt like Drip (with Big N Slim), Be Prepared out on Buygore‘s frshblood, and his intense Clique EP backing it right up with a hot as hell release on Excision‘s label Subsidia Records with Pick It Up.
Just to add insult to injury, we had him in the storm for a whole week for his official BLAIZE Takeover Week, so you know that we know, what he is capable of.
In addition, he can also generate the utmost energetic housey vibes with his side alias Blasé.  So as a dual presence, he undeniably solidified his spot in the ‘21 To Watch in 2021′.

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[Wisconsin-based] Decipher took us by immense shock in a short amount of time. His wildly deep and dark aura adds to the mystery of just who the f**k Decipher is. One of our first and most impressionable memories with this tune-tyrant, is his maniacally successful launch of Sacrifice on Deathstar Cult Ltd, just recently. Climbing the mountainous ranks in such a short-time. Trust us when we say ‘keep your eyes on this one’… He has a multitude of tricks and codes up his sleeve; each one carefully and articulately planned, taken with serious attention to detail. A true artist.

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[Colorado-based] Freddy Rule is a powerhouse in every sense of the word. We have been graced with Freddy Rule‘s music and sets for some time now, but now we can finally thank him! Thank you! His absolute and undeniable ability to control a crowd is nuts to watch. The empirical proof is in the pudding. His earlier released Vibe and the earth-shattering Push It EP on Ghetto Ghetto Records + remixes and damn near stopped the whole planet. Just a spectacle to watch and listen to as this bass house bad a** goes to work. He has been an immovable force in the dance music industry, disrupting the flow, and making people dance. Tilt your heads back and await the cold shots, because this party is not stopping any time soon.

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[Tennessee-based] Good Vs Evil came into the storm this summer and has done nothing but leave us jaw-dropped. If it is not his music that has us up on our feet, it is his magical skill set of video production. Gleaming with experience and talent in every direction, you can easily learn a plethora from this producer and idealistic mentor. Snake Charmer found its way into our ears and from that point on, we just kept working together and it’s been a blessing. His intense and bass-driven spookySEASON Guest Mix that dropped this past October, his Mental Warfare EP, and remixes is a fervent example of what anarchy he manifests in his music. Which side will you choose, Good or Evil? As for him, his music is an exemplification of who is winning that fight.

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[Texas-based] LovelyBones, the out-of-this-world producer duo that has stadium-sized sounds! These two audio-aliens breached our skies and clouds to drop down and say hello! They spearheaded our very first Takeover Week this past October and we haven’t looked back (or up). With flooring releases such as Demented, Chemical, a Monsoon Season Guest MIx, and Crazy (with Dylan Heckert), these two have more than just otherworldly intentions, they plan to invade and colonize your senses! They are always ahead of the curve, almost as if they are time travelling… Hmm! Aliens! Keep your visual perceptions at their utmost peak performance, these two are up to something in 2021!

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[Georgia-based] Mikes Revenge found their way into the storm this year as well. This trapped out duo is the whole packaged deal, as they have turned their 2020 year into one to remember. Their releases include their One Go EP, their holiday variation on DJ Snake‘s famous ‘Trust Nobody‘ and utterly transformed it into ‘Trust No Jingle’, as well as their slew of remixes for ATLiens, Riot Ten & Shaq, and rapper ATL hometown hero Da Baby. They definitely got revenge on 2020 having no regard for the damage 2021 is about to succumb to, with this brilliant duo.

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[Colorado-based] Mport bursted into our sights this year and holy f**k were we surprised at just what this gent can do. With ever-thrilling releases and sets like his Amplitude 500 Drive-In Series, Subciety Live Stream, ‘Proximity’, Empire, and remixes for Slushii and TroyBoi, this dude has really shown us and the world his abilities. Denver, Colorado has a really luminous, smart, and talented producer amongst them and we think 2021 is the year they discover their own gems, putting them to use, full flex mode. Oh yeah, he’s funny as f**k too; always a plus.

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[Utah-based] Octobit swam unto our shores this year as well here in 2020 with an astonishing shock factor. His rogue-wave-sized sounds are obliterating ears left and right (multiplied by 8). Starting the year off strong with his remix of Oddprophet’s Migraine, subsequent to that his rapscallion variation on Kill The Noise and Feed Me’s – I Do Coke track. As the year drifted on we saw more and more of this pixelated, eight-legged, producer of the deep drop track after track and finalizing the year with his spookySEASON Guest Mix in October and now his technically salacious Rage EP. In addition to his audio-assault all year long, he leaked he has so much more to drop into the new year as we crawl and move closer to 2021, landing or washing him up to the 21 Artist To Watch.

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[Colorado-based] Otatop has been a close friend for some time now. We are from the same small town in Wyoming who both escaped to Colorado in search of bass and ultimately a better place to live. Right off the bat, this potato-bass aficionado caught on to the wonky bass vibe, slaying it, and started showing for it. With monstrous amounts of listens on our personal SoundCloud from his cloudBURST Guest Mix, His remix of The Chainsmokers, Illenium, and Lennon Stella‘s Takeaway, and his original TTSU. The dude has been hard at work since his fruition as a producer, so we know not just because of our familiarity with him, just because the proof is in the potato. Just as any good potato grows, UNDERGROUND!

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[Texas-based] Raddix was a total favorite from the get-go! This Texan infuses his gracious singing abilities with mind-melting bass music, electro, and pop to deliver a seriously contemporary and refreshing take on where music is headed. His futuristic, next-level, and overall synchronistic vibe is all too catchy, captivating, and keeps you wanting more. Smashing it this year with tracks with BoyPanda titled XXX, GDLK called Project Atlas and Jorge Toscano‘s Welcome To The Gang. Easily landing himself on this list. Oh and don’t forget to tune in to his official Takeover Week dropping SOON (1/1/21)!

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[Colorado-based] Rage-Bot is a machine, plain and simple, shiny, and complex! This artificially engineered humanoid produces heavy, in-your-face, aggressive bass music that seriously just transforms anyone who listens to it into a headbanging machine, themselves. The ‘data’ (tracks) this machine has created, uploaded, and used as his weaponry this year is impressive and alarming all at the same time. Featuring a mechanical lineup of proof; (and not all. mind you) includes but is not limited to DOOM, Sacrifice with DRIZZ, Octane, Slayer, Hunters with Alien Park, countless label releases, and okay you get it. He did not stop, will not stop, and if history repeats itself… we have a cycle of success!

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[Colorado-based] Say Word has taken 2020 (arguably before) and merely utilized it to his advantage while still accomplishing the altruistic efforts of gassing up his friends and being a good person all at the same time. In terms of music, let’s just start at the top and work our way to the most recent because his year was, is, and will continue to be f**king nuts from here forward. Looking back the madman Say Word started strong with Arrival, Neon Wasteland ft. Hustle Man, his September guest mix with us, the original Crying Out, on top of other wicked self-released tracks. BUT!! We do not stop there ladies and gentlemen… Say Word blew us all away with the highly coveted release on Subsidia Records with Fresh and backed it right up with the release of Communications Failure on Emengy. Highly productive individual to say the least. Congrats!

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[New York-based] Scafetta, the undead bass music producer! Holy s**t does this guy bleed talent at the pockets. His unmatchable sound design and ability to mentally put someone in a state of awe. Pure sparks and flares omit from this producer’s tune factory! Completely working at full-force, all engines are a go! Look at his undeniably stacked repertoire of tracks, sets, mixes, streams, and more he pushed out this year: Remixes for headlining acts including but never limited to Excision, Wooli, Subtronics, Illenium, Zeds Dead, Modestep and ultimately dropped a f**king bombshell with his Save Me From Myself EP. That extended play… jeez here listen for yourself HERE.

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[Texas-based] Shroud the artist that 2020 actually blessed us with as a new, groundbreaking, and ultra-talented producer NOBODY knows anything about. A ‘Shroud” of mystery you could say. No gender is known, no location, and no history. All you know, and will ever need to know is of the flooring and mesmerizing music that is thereof. Shroud is a gem for that reason alone, the anonymity, unclarified identity, and mysteriousness altogether with the music makes for one helluva artist to add to the 21 Artist to Watch in 2021. Beware, you will be in awe. Unveiling tracks in such a short time Shroud enveloped our sense tenfold with Just Too Much, Anything, recently Tell Me We Can, and accompanied by several mixes and sets to indulge on whilst we wait for another brilliant Shroud masterpiece. Until then, bask in all the mystery that Shroud has articulately laid out for you. We are…

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[Canada-based] Smiles Only, the trio from across the way! This three-piece artist bundle jumped out the wagon running with extensively well-designed remixes for the Disciple team’s breathtaking crew of elite and star-studded artists. Their insane catalog of tunes includes a house remix of Fox Stevenson’s Miss You, a remix for Dirtyphonics’ No Mercy, and hell, they’re all damned good. Their personal inventory of original tracks is a spectacle too. The heavy-forward Damage Control has been an office favorite. Their outlying label releases with Flatland Funk, Kermode, which are out on Emengy and Most Addictive Music (MA) respectively.

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[Ohio-based] Sytrux is a truly talented, prodigal, and ultimately genially humble as a human and up and coming music artist. Our first interview as a blog and honestly the rest is history. He landed 7 tracks on our SoundCloud‘s top 50 most listened to tracks of 2020 so you can safely say we are highly invested in the overall registry of Sytrux‘s music. His glaringly tantalizing hybrid-trap sound is all too crushing and invigorating to not listen to several times a day. Pure hype mode going on with this young rising talent. Garnishing his year with luminous remixes from likes of Skrillex‘s Midnight Hour with FOMO, Stuca’s Bust Thru, Oski’s Fuccapop (pre 2020), collabs with Akame in LOST + the remixes EP, and his furious mixes from Blaq Void and his personal Lion’s Den mix with Aarbetter. We cannot be more thankful and grateful for all Sytrux has helped us with and blessed us with in 2020. Watch the f**k out 2021, the lion is out to eat.

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[California-based] TOA5T is one of a kind, in my opinion. He really is incomparable to any artist I have run across as of recently. Conclusively titled as cinematic bass, just for the reason alone it is truly as if you are in a live, multidimensional, and all-encompassing sensory movie produced by some hotshot Hollywood producer. The reveling and celebratory nature of his music is downright unprecedented for age, time in the industry, and pure experience in sound engineering. I mean that in all the best ways possible. A true prodigy. Someone who gets it like natural and instinctive behavior. Not to embellish but his tracks Hoodlum, Night City, and literally the whole recently dropped brightBEATS Guest Mix is 100% his music. Jam it, believe it. This is TOA5T.

[Wyoming-based] TR!P HVZVRD has been on the rise for some time now and we have been ever-so-lucky to be up and close on the action. He was one of our first interviews as a blog back in March of this year and by golly has he just ascending constantly. starting his year off with Oh Fvck, Monsoon, then quickly releasing the exclusive Geetar Wonkee with Kylloe, original banger Love The Way, and his ender EP as of late True Religion, amongst a slew of other releases, mixes, and more. 2021 has already shaped into a promising year as he will release his much-awaited track VOID, exclusively here on Monsoon Season. Nobody expects a talented, hard-working, and downright filthy bass music producer to come out of Wyoming.. right? Well, 2021 has a couple of them up and in their sleeve(s) for the world to indulge.

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[Colorado-based] Tyro is an animal. If you aren’t already familiar with this Denver dubstep destroyer then allow us to fill you in on what the f**k you’re missing. Previous to 2020 he has already established his name across the Colorado map as a true tune-tyrant. Utterly decimating each and every set and or performance he walks on. The city and state love him, and his insane repertoire of soundscapes and deep element trick bag. Just aggressively tantalizing. Back to this year, he started out hellaciously strong with his Pit Kid EP (released Dec ’19), remixes for Ray Volpe, SubDocta, Walter Wilde, plus the overwhelmingly well-designed three-piece Doomsday Protocol EP out on Boogie T’s Drama Club Records. He cannot be contained, pure energy and rambunctious bass coming from this Coloradan tycoon of new-age production.

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[Calgary-based] Zovah we cannot thank you enough for taking interest in our project. Not only does he take trap music to the next level be is the catalyst behind most of our newly attained Canadian friends! Keeping the year fresh with intensely hyphee trap bangers to keep you shaking at home in your personal quarantined spaces. Brimming with the heat we had Poppin, Same Shit with Tirant featuring Wavehi, two tracks with Hypesetterz, and a multitude of streams and remixes including his recent variation on SAINt JHN’s Gorgeous.

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BENZO$, BLAIZE, Decipher, Freddy Rule, Good Vs. Evil, LovelyBones, Mikes Revenge, Mport, Octobit, Otatop, Raddix, Rage-Bot, Say Word, Scafetta, Shroud, Smiles Only, Sytrux, TOA5T, TR!P HVZVRD, Tyro, and Zovah all stood out in more ways than one to me, (Garth).

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