SkInZ & JAÎRU Put Forth Bass-Heavy Collab Titled – ‘Meet Your Maker’ via High Caliber Records [Track Write-Up + Artist Interview]

SkInZ & JAÎRU Come Together On Bass-Forward Riddim/Dubstep Collab – ‘Meet Your Maker‘ via High Caliber Records

Cloud Coverage By: Garth Jones

Detroit-based SkInZ and Phoenix-based JAÎRU come together on their collab titled ‘Meet Your Maker‘ via High Caliber Records. An all-out-assault style tearout and bass-fueled experience. If you are the faint of heart, then be warned this track will assuredly rock the literal socks off your festival-happy feet.

The two producers are not strangers to creating monumental soundscapes in their own respective tunes but together, the intensity, and brutality in the roots of the track are amplified and put on blast for the world to enjoy.

From those high-energy, headbanging-forward classic and harsh growls keep this collab on our radar as a true heater. A track to mosh to, take some aggression out with, or hit the gym and use it as a motivational tool, but its a hit in our book.


Q1: Can you expand on the inspiration, creative direction, and collaborative effort it took for you both to pump out ‘Meet Your Maker‘ together?

SkInZ: The creative take I had on this personally, was to give a Riddim idea a bouncy yet heavy groove which I think we manage to pull off. JAÎRU has a hybrid trap style and I thought adding heavy high energy high end grit to it would pan out nicely.

Pictured above: SKinZ

JAÎRU : We both love riddim and dubstep so we immediately knew which direction this track was going to go in once we started it. One thing I love while working with other artists is being able to bounce off of each other’s ideas and styles, and so when I started that base riddim sound, that instantly sparked such a heavy and creative idea for SkInZ which is how he came up with that epic tearout-style layer on top of the synth lead.

Pictured above: JAÎRU

Q2: As far as the titled name – ‘Meet Your Maker‘, where does this derive from?

SkInZ: The vocal predrop sample I found says “Are you ready to meet your maker?” that’s pretty much where it came from. I do like to tie meaning into things either pre or post writing process. My take from the song is that we all meet our makers someday and that there is no escape from death, so we might as well come together and get down to these bleep bloop noises while we still can.

Pictured above: SKInZ

JAÎRU : The actual meaning of the phrase “Meet Your Maker” is death, or to die. So when we listened to the drop, it almost has that heavy metal/mosh pit vibe and I think there’s nothing more hard core (in the world of dubstep) than knowing you’re about to “face death”.

Q3: After such an explosive collaboration and locked in with High Caliber Records, what can we expect from you for the rest of 2022?

SkInZ: I have one other huge tune that has been sent out to labels, I’m hoping it gets picked up soon. If not, I’ll end up probably self releasing at least one more song before New Years!

Pictured above: SKInZ

JAÎRU : Definitely a lot more releases and collaborations. I plan on getting my name out there as much as possible (as busy as I am) by reaching out to play more shows, especially after my debut show I did in Las Vegas. I also have some remixes, originals and an EP in the works with other labels so that will be something everyone can look forward to for the end of 2022 and early 2023.

Pictured above: JAÎRU

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