Mikes Revenge Remixes Skrillex, Missy Elliott & Mr. Oizo’s – RATATA – Amping Up The Trap Energy [Track Write-Up]

New Music: Atlanta, GA’s Mikes Revenge Gives Skrillex, Missy Elliott, & Mr. Oizo’s Hit Single ‘RATATA‘ New Sound & Amplified Energy w/ A Fiery Remix

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pictured: Mikes Revenge

● If you’ve ever partaken in the Atlanta electronic music scene or nightlife; it’s inevitable that you’ll hear about Mikes Revenge. No, it’s not some superstition or any sort of drama from a guy named Mike. It’s something much more sinister and much more danceable.

Actually, Mikes Revenge is an electronic bass music duo known to wear a half-cyborg and half-bear head helmet while they rock their signature trap and bass sounds out to the masses. Whether performing live or via music streaming platforms – these two sure know how to start a party.

Mikes Revenge | photo by: Victor Crafter

We cover their material often because each and every time they pop up on our radar, they’re usually bringing that upbeat and ‘hyphy’ energy we all know and love from the two who make up Mikes Revenge.

The half-mammalian/half-mechanized duo, Mikes Revenge has now taken on remixing Skrillex’s recent megahit with Missy Elliot and Mr. Oizo titled “RATATA” from the Quest For Fire Album.

In their feral reiteration of the track, they honor the core elements of the original by keeping Missy’s rap verses front and center before the drop hits and being sure to hold on to something before it hits. The minimal trap elements and soundscapes are kept while they amplify the bass in areas, creating a whirlwind of euphoria in its wake. Well-done Mikes Revenge, well-done.

Mikes Revenge is at the helm of releasing truly next-level materials. Just weeks ago, they released their four-track “Demons And Angels” EP via Crowsnest Audio. Prior to that, their trap/bass collab with Justtjokay and Dariansincebirth on “GAWDMODE” and their latest collab with Indigenous for “Run That Back“.

And now, with this remix fresh off the press, they can add this to their ever-growing discography for the masses to revel in. We know we will be.

What could be next? Only they know, but we can stay a step ahead by following them on social media and music streaming platforms (that means you) to stay up to date with all things Mikes Revenge. Give the remix a listen, show it some love, add it to your SoundCloud playlists, hit repost, share it with your diehard Skrillex fans, and repeat the process.

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