KAPSYZ – ‘Moemode’ [EP Write-Up + Interview] New JPOP & Bass Music Extended Play

We Chat With KAPSYZ On His New ‘Moemode’ Extended Play, A New 5-Track Mix Of JPOP + Bass

Written by: Brandon Rafferty

KAPSYZ is an aspiring artist who is quickly gaining recognition across the nation, from his major self-releases to his tracks on Chaospace Collective, he is quickly perfecting his craft and personal branding. Anyone who follows him knows he is really into doing all of his own art. From the music to the cover arts, and even the promo videos. This guy has control of it all, which really is showcased with his most recent E.P. release, “Moemode”. This E.P. was so good that I had to get in touch with him and dig a little deeper into how the entire process went down. Below you will find our interview and E.P. breakdown, track by track. 

 Alright first question, you go by the alias “Kapsyz”…. can you tell us what that means to you? Why the name.

“There actually really isn’t much significance to the name itself. Years ago when I was first getting into DJing and Producing I actually went through a few different names, and none of them stuck. Eventually, I decided to try and come up with a name that’s both unique and catchy. I had noticed there were a lot of bass music artists who would take normal words and change the spelling a bit, and eventually thought of the word Capsize, and changed the spelling.” 

 How would you describe your latest style of music production, I’ve watched you grow over the years as an artist and this E.P. Is seriously some of the best work I’ve heard this year.

“Over the last year or so I have really gotten into Future Funk, Jpop, Speed Garage, and some more chill stuff. Specifically artists like Moe Shop, Psyqui, Yunomi, Kotonohouse, and Yukiyanagi. So the whole idea of this EP was to combine my normal style and fuse it with my take on some of these new genres I’ve gotten into. So I think I would describe it as Bass Music meets Future Jpop. This EP also kinda marks a fresh start for me production-wise, as It’s my first major project since I started using Ableton, and really took my time mixing and mastering, and learned a lot from it.”


Alright, let’s get into the E.P. breakdown, starting with the intro track  “Fly Me to the Moon ”, tell us the story behind this track. I get some virtual riot vibes on the intro, but when that drop hits, it has its own vibe and I must know more.

“So, Fly Me to the Moon is interesting, as it was the first track I started working on, but the last one I finished. I started on it before I even had the idea for this EP, and it changed drastically over time. Eventually, though I was able to really nail down what I wanted it to be, and I think it ends up showing off the style of the entire EP just in one track. Jumping from Future Bass into Brostep, and ending with a drop more reminiscent of Riddim.”

– “Notice Me” is a hell of a dance floor anthem, what process did you use going into writing this tune, as it was a completely different sound from the track before it?

“Notice me started as a Dubstep track with a similar structure in the drop, but I was having trouble building a song around the original drop, mostly because of the limitations I had from the vocals. The vocals used in this EP are from various Jpop vocal sample packs, so they each already had a set bpm and key. It worked out for the best though, as I wanted something on the EP more inspired by Future Funk rather than Dubstep. Initially, I just had it transition from 130 to 150 bpm, but it just felt disjointed. So, I decided to just stick with 130bpm, and adapted the drop, keeping the bass pattern, but changing up the synths, and adding some vocal chops.”

– “Moemode”, the title track is the stand-out track to me, and I gotta ask, what made you decide to name your EP in correlation with this track? Does this one hold a special meaning to you? I also remember hearing earlier versions of this track and I’d love to hear all you care to share about the final product.

“I actually titled the EP before I even started on the track. The idea for the name came while I was working on Yanderiddim, which I’ll talk about in a sec. The name coincides with the theme of the whole EP, but more specifically the JPOP, or I guess the anime side of it. Moe doesn’t really have a single solid definition, but I’ll give it my best shot. I guess It’s usually just a word used to describe a feeling of affection towards cute anime characters, or sometimes just used as a way to call something cute. I think a lot of the vocals in each of the tracks could be described as moe as well.

I really think the track itself works as a great transition on the EP. Just like the EP as a whole, the track starts off mostly soft, and transitions into something pretty heavy in the second half. Working as a great lead in to the 2 heaviest tracks on the EP.”

“Yanderriddim” is a very unique track, can you share any inside info on why you used this track to kind of shift the direction of the EP heading into the finale?

Yanderiddim” is the track that sparked the entire idea for this EP. The idea for the track came while rewatching the first episode of the anime Love Tyrant, which features a character that essentially serves as a parody of the Yandere character trope in anime, by just taking the trope so far it becomes a gag. I sampled audio from a few scenes and thought it would work really well as a sort of theme for a track, and the title just came naturally after that: Yandere Riddim, aka “Yanderiddim”. 

The first two drops were somewhat inspired by the songs on NSD Black Label XL7 and specifically the songs by Oddprophet, and Trvcy. The other two drops are really just the result of experimenting with what I made in the first two drops, since I didn’t just want to repeat the exact same drops again, as I try to avoid doing that. 

– What made you decide to end this heater with “Visual”? It’s my personal favorite because it’s my style, heavy, and I’d like to hear your take on making a heavier style track ?

“Man, where to start with this one. Visual was probably the track I had the most issues writing, and I nearly abandoned it multiple times while making it. For the majority of the time, I worked on it the project that would eventually become Visual had many drastic changes. It started as a project in my old DAW Mixcraft, before I remade it after switching to Ableton. After 2 or 3 major overhauls of the project, it eventually became what it is now, and believe me every iteration was basically completely different, pretty much just the drums stayed consistent.

Once I finally got an actual idea of what I wanted though, it did come together pretty easily, and I think it turned out great. It’s a bit of a departure from the theme of the rest of the EP, which is why I decided to make it the last track. With the drops, I tried to go for a Future Riddim vibe, and it was my first time making anything in that style, but now that I think about it, a lot of this EP was me trying new styles I had very little experience in.” 

– Any final production secrets you’re willing to share? This EP is super clean and dynamic so clearly, you’re doing something right!

“I dunno about secrets, but one thing I definitely learned from making this EP is to take my time. In the past I have often just rushed through a lot of the songs I’ve made, and looking back I am not happy with pretty much any of the music I made in the past.

A side effect of me taking so much extra time to perfect everything, is I ended up improving my Mixing and Mastering ability a bunch compared to before.

Oh yeah, here’s a secret, don’t use Mixcraft to produce EDM. I had been using it for years and didn’t realize it actually affected sound quality. I am very glad I switched to Ableton, and wish I had switched years ago.”


Moemode” by KAPSYZ is an absolutely unique E.P. that should not be slept on. It’s very diverse, clean, and has something for everybody with all types of different tastes. Find “Moemode”, available now on most music platforms! I promise you will want to keep an eye out for KAPSYZ…. He’s always creating something behind the scenes.

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