STICKYFANGAZ – ‘BAD INFLUENCE’ [Track Write-Up] Rap Gets A Facelift Of Bass And Beat Work

STICKYFANGAZ Unloads A Mind-Altering Fusion Of Rap and Bass Music With His ‘BAD INFLUENCE’ Release

Written by: Garth Jones

STICKYFANGAZ hits us over the head once again with a monumental release titled ‘BAD INFLUENCE‘ which garners the powers of bass music and is laced with hypnotizing lyrics. From the deviousness wordage to the upbeat and quickfire delivery of bass, this release stands out as a knockout for rap and bass music aficionados from the west to the east coast and beyond.

Playful, powerful, and prominent; STICKYFANGAZ keeps the energy alive for the masses by infusing relatable bars and instances in his verses. Right away, questioning himself ‘Who me? I’m just some guy, basking in the sunshine”, and then going on to sneaking in more and more relatable moments for the [weed] smoking crowd and into the more rambunctious crowd.

“Cruising on a blunt ride, listening to MustDie!”

As you listen to the lyrics in a more critical fashion, you realize STICKYFANGAZ really has a talent for fusing outright ridiculous articles of words to makeup one helluva storyline. Each and every verse, bar, and verbal structure; you get sucked deeper into his influence. Whether one would say it’s a “bad” influence or just a really fun one (you can be the judge), but what we can all agree on is, it is undeniably relatable on many levels.

[Stream ‘BAD INFLUENCE’ Here]

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