STVY HVZVRDOUS | The Hangar – Bar Nunn, Wyoming | Jötunn Dubs, TR!P HVZVRD, Otatop, Coenica, and MORE | July 10th

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Wyoming Rounds Up Another Wild Dance Music Event


[Wyoming-based] electronic bass music artist TR!P HVZVRD is taking his entrepreneurial skills to the test with his debut show in Wyoming under his new promotional brand ‘STVY HVZVRDOUS’. This electronic music experience will garner the names of Jötunn Dubs, TR!P HVZVRD, Otatop, Coenica, EXIT WOUND, Lakye, Kylloe, and Eclipsan, all under one hangar’s roof this July 10th in Bar Nunn, Wyoming.

Headlining the event is Casper, WY local Jötunn Dubs, a highly-skilled bass music producer who infuses his dark, giant-like, and otherworldly approach to dubstep and beyond. Jötunn Dubs takes his energetic sets packed with hard-hitting basslines, diverse sound selection, and an ominous atmosphere to drive in his listeners. The Jötnar have arrived, brace for impact.

Listen to – BOP by Jötunn Dubs


TR!P HVZVRD, co-headlining the event, brings his signature wobble and wavy sound structure to the stage in Bar Nunn, WY to obliterate the crowds. His rambunctiously appealing performances are all-the-craze, and instantly fun the second he steps up to the decks. Enjoy the TR!P as he takes you on a complete freefall of sound and adventure. Get all your bones and muscles ready for this impending doom to your body, as this set will put them to the test.

Listen to – Hurt (TR!P HVZVRD Remix)


Otatop, the price of potatoes, finds himself on the supporting lineup for this STVY HVZVRDOUS event this July 10th. With his experimental bass and trap sound on speed-dial, this rising Colorado-based artist will take you on the excursion of a lifetime. His unprecedented sound structure and usage of interstellar samples all come together to create a monstrous experience of ultra-sensory shifts in your paradigm. Keep yourself grounded for this set because there’s no telling where you’ll be taken.

Listen to – Sickkem on WTF’s That Sound


Coenica, a Sheridan, WY local dubstep producer who takes rumbling basslines, ear-piquing samples, and unseen approaches to the wilder side of music to infuse into one unholy creation to present to his listeners and audiences alike. Keeping his selection at large to the storyline he achieves, the end product is always a novella, ready to be read aloud with heaping scoops of bass and neck-breaking worthiness.

Listen to Play That Funky Music (Coenica Remix)


EX!T WOUND takes the stage with his immensely destructive sound selections. Taking all the heavier, brutally dark, and over-the-top high-energy bass music bangers, and encapsulating them all into one life-changing set. What he brings to the table is a mean dose of dubstep, trap, and riddim while adding in his own mixing style to bring them together in one cohesive performance. Trust us, this will be a neck-breaking beatdown in July from EX!T WOUND.

Listen to – Mount Olympus V Promo Mix


LAKYE gears up to take the stage in Bar Nunn, WY this July 10th with no anticipation of holding back. This rising talent takes his multi-genre approach to dance music and infuses several new and appealing ways to create a sound unlike any have dared to make. His seemingly endless supply of energy and passion takes him into the upper-echelons of up n’ coming artists from Wyoming. Keep your eyes peeled for this performance.

Listen to – Hold It Down


Kylloe brings his never-ending madness and magic to the big stage with his highly anticipated set at STVY HVZVRDOUS this July, 10th in Bar Nunn, WY. Taking extra heavy bass music, tying it in with some lo-fi feels, and even throwing in hip-hop and rap to set in the mood. Each time Kylloe takes the stage it is an experience unlike any you’ll see this summer and beyond. A true spectacle of sound and energy. Get ready for the madness he brings ever-so-easily!

Listen to – Kylloe’s Mad Mountain Guest Mix


Eclipsan takes the opening slot for STVY HVZVRDOUS! Blaring his futuristic and contemporary styles and sounds for his listeners, audiences, and fans alike. Taking melodically driven tracks and adding a flare of heavy bass to supplement the already captivating atmosphere he declares and ends up with a product only the strong-hearted are ready for! Eclipsan has a bright future ahead of him and we can not wait to see what is next! Get to the event early to dial yourself into the impending eclipse he will bring to the stage in Bar Nunn, WY.

Listen to – Miles Away (Eclipsan Remix)

July 10th, 2021
6 PM – 12 AM
1410 Prairie Lane, Bar Nunn, WY


Tickets: HERE
Facebook Event Page: HERE


Want more from these folks? Witness them again at Mad Mountain Music Festival also taking place this summer on August 13th and 14th in Antelope Butte, WY!


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