yWOLFy + Broken Inglish – ‘Leave’ | Inglish Class Collective Release [Track Write-Up] – From The No Direction EP

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By: Sarah Hernandez

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yWOLFy Teams Up With Broken Inglish For A Heartstring Collaboration Of A Lifetime

Tennessee born, Colorado prevailing DJ/producer yWOLFy brings the tale of ‘Leave‘ to life. Part two in a four part quadrilogy, yWOLFy and fellow DJ/producer Broken Inglish tell the story of a girl who keeps getting her heart broken and is just trying to find herself again. Figuring out how to make the chords match the emotion, yWOLFy got help from his close friend to get his sound done just right. It very much worked.

26 year old Corey Pippin aka yWOLFy came to Colorado to start a new leaf and he found that here with dubstep. Describing himself as a COVID-19 DJ, Corey started producing with no intent on becoming a DJ. But then started getting booked for shows and getting more noticed. To even headlining his first big show. Corey explains how yWOLFy came to be after and ex girlfriend said to him that he would always be a wook with no direction. Using that as a motivation, he created the EP No Direction where the song Leave comes from.

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In the beginning of ‘Leave’ starts with a soft and very melodic/basscolor sad girl vibe. Very easy to flow with lyrics and beautiful vocals. This song hits every emotion in the soul. You can practically feel the heartbreak. Before the second drop is when things start to change up a bit. It’s starts feeling more intense. A little darker and more moodier. Like the feeling of being lost. That’s when we’re hit with the lyrics: “She’s lost her mind a thousand times.” Second drop hits with heavy dubstep and metal like screaming. The quick vibe change has you wondering how did things just switch from sadgirl to angry and frustration. But it works beautifully and the energy is still there.

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yWOLFy put forth so much passion from inside and worked the hardest on this track Leave. I personally would say this song had me hooked the second it started. By far one of my favorites. Feeling many relatable temperaments, it stuck out the most. Though he has many other songs and even two new EPs on the way, yWOLFy says:

“This track ‘Leave’ is and always will be one of his greatest accomplishments.”

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