Golden Goddess – ‘Bass Heart’ | Rainbow Dimension Records Release [Album Write-Up + Interview] – A NEW 13-TRACK BASS COLLECTION

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[By: Garth Jones]

Art: Katalina Aurora

Golden Goddess Takes A Creative Stance On Bass Music With The ‘BASS HEART ‘ Album, Including Thirteen Dazzling Tunes To Show For It

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Golden Goddess

Golden Goddess, just who is she? We get an inside look at the Bass Heart Album as we talk with the ‘heiress of luminosity’ in her exclusive interview.

[Interview: Golden Goddess]

Q1: Welcome to our torrential downpour! What can you tell us about your introduction to dance music and how you decided on the moniker Golden Goddess?

A1: Thank you so much, it feels good to be swept up in the storm! I feel lucky to have been introduced to EDM and festivals almost 8 years ago. Some of the first EDM artists I enjoyed were Flume, Illenium, and Odesza. In 2014, BANKS taught me from her flawlessly made album ‘Goddess’ that I have a Goddess inside. At the time of listening to her album on repeat, I had no idea that years later the ‘Goddess’ would reemerge into a musical enterprise.
Golden Goddess was born from a desire for revenge. I had just freed myself from a violently abusive situation and wanted to choose a name that would make me feel good and uplift my spirits when I heard it. What started as a mission to expose the person who abused me to the world, has grown into a journey of self discovery, healing, and love. Golden Goddess is a reminder that no matter where you are on your path, you have the choice to create an entirely new identity and life for yourself. I deeply appreciate all of the support I have received since starting my journey as Golden Goddess.

Q2: ‘Bass Heart‘ is out now and gleaming with 13 stunning tracks! How does it feel to have this collective creation out to the masses? 

A2: It feels incredible. I still remember the exact car ride in July 2017, when I was driving home and started singing to myself “feel my bass, feel my bass heart.” I thought, “Oh, that’s good, I should write that down.” I spent the next couple of years completing a beautiful yet emotional album, that once complete, I decided to scrap and start over. The only song that made it from the original album was Golden State of Mind. While the original Bass Heart was healing and triumphant, I wanted more bass. Releasing this project in the world is symbolic to my healing journey and the overcoming of many obstacles throughout its production. My Bass Heart has awakened and it’s just the beginning!

pictured: Golden Goddess (Album Release Party)
photo by: Revere PDX

Q3: With collaborative works with Liquid Pizza, Say Linds, a feature from Komodo, and a flip by Wubbles, the energy is here! How did you decide on them and do you have any plans to work together again?

A3: Thank you for asking this! Choosing to work with these talented artists was an easy decision, as I am lucky enough to be friends with all of them. I met Liquid Pizza online and was instantly drawn to her unique style and clear passion for music. I met Say Linds at a CloZee show in Portland at the Crystal Ballroom and we have been friends ever since. Komodo is actually the first person who ever recorded my drums and vocals at his studio, Sizzling Bean Studios in Arizona. He taught me that I can rap and produce music on my own and I am forever thankful. Wubbles is my best friend of over 8 years and we lived together for years during the production of this album. Stay tuned for her incredibly unique production style coming soon to Spotify and Apple Music. You can expect multiple collaborations with all of these artists.

One final feature I would love to shout out is from the track ‘Life Alert’ on the album. This track was made with my partner Keegan as our side project Lezbehonest. While it’s not the typical type of track you’d expect a couple to make together, we’re not a typical couple. We are both goofballs and we hope the track makes you smile, laugh, (and dance) as much as we did. This is our debut single and there will be many more to come from us.


Q4: Being in the Pacific Northwest, what does this section of the states do best for dance music?

A4: We are a bunch of artists, liberals, and hippies living in a forest together… wanting to push each other to be better versions of ourselves and create a better world. We believe in community, connection, art, music, nature, equality, and supporting locals. The PNW is truly a magical place and the talent and events that come out of here are no exception. I feel supported and uplifted by my community and that means everything.
I’d love to shout out Rainbow City, a Universal Church and 5D Portal in Portland, Oregon that I recommend everyone experiences at some point. The owners are the most creative, accepting people who treat everyone who walks in those doors with the same respect and love. The space itself is a beautiful psychedelic paradise of art collaborations, with live music and changing unique events. This is a hidden treasure and I am thankful to be partnered with them.

Bass Heart Album Release Party

photo by: Revere PDX

 Q5: In your eyes and sights, who is killing it? Give them a golden shout-out! 

A5: Recently I made the decision to add every musician/artist I see on Facebook, and first of all I want to say that I see all of you out here really pursuing your passions and manifesting your dreams. Any day of the week I’ll tell you that Liquid Pizza is killing the game and deserves infinitely more recognition. YaNo Maybe is an incredible dubstep producer. Lazer Kitten is making some serious moves right now.
I have many unreleased tracks coming out soon, watch out for collaborations with Lazer Kitten, EarthOne, BODY SNATCHERZ, and more. 


13 Tracks, All Gas, No Brakes In Sight For Golden Goddess. She Shines With Brilliance


Liquid Gold – Golden Goddess + Liquid Pizza

An icebreaking start to an everlasting collection of timeless tunes on an album of a millennia from Golden Goddess titled ‘BASS HEART’ but now blaring a track alongside the talented New Mexico-located producer Liquid Pizza for the initial installation titled ‘ Liquid Gold ‘ .

As the two grant passage into the wobble-effected toss of chants and whom-worthy surprises we are now familiarized with the musical product they have developed. Staying gold with these two only brings a dripping effect. Both, Golden Goddess and Liquid Pizza throw a highly-prized golden ticket into the extended play, up into the sky for the first installation to the Bass Queen EP. Look up, it is only down from this point.

– Liquid Gold –

Space Meow – Golden Goddess X Say Linds

Taking a synchronized keyboard from the utmost premiere nightclub from the American 1980s and applying a souped-up contemporary producer to amplify any old ways into a newly perceived jaw-dropper. This is Space Meow and yes, grab a oxygen tank and catnip! Meow!

Hit the keyboard hard, and I mean with grace, of course with style, please! This is exactly how ‘Space Meow’ wormholes itself into the forwarding acknowledgment. The animalistic-like soundscapes all collect into a heavy crescendo of aerial and aeriated carry-overs. Then, all hell breaks loose with the dynamically aggressive beatdown at work.

– Space Meow –

Life Alert smashes down all the urgent musical make-ups for a madhouse!
[Lezbehonest Premiere]

Life Alert finds its way in an all-too-imaginative state of affairs. Instantly the future-forward effects are in place and reality is replaced with a sense of realism and reanimation. Watch your step, you may step into the future, so we recommend tying and kicking your shoes together to remind you there is no place like home.
From the manipulated manhood of voices to the atmospheric samples and selection of sounds that are minimal in decibel but monolithic in consonance. Simply, it f**king works.
Pack a crowd of 95,000, sit back, take notes… 10/11 Recommend

[Lezbehonest Premiere]


Liquid Gold with Liquid Pizza | Fall Into The Sun feat. Komodo | Love Endures | Golden State Of Mind | Bass Heart | Millennial Champagne | Virus | Beaver Tom | Revenge Is Sweet | Juraskin 4 It | Space Meow with Say Linds | Life Alert [Lezbehonest Premiere] | Bass Heart (Wubbles Flip) – (ALL OUT NOW) –

Official Credits:
(Thank you for making this possible)
Say Linds, Wubbles, Liquid Pizza, KOMODO, Katalina Aurora,
JC Mastering, Sizzling Bean Studios, doublemydose, GoldLyfe, Liquid Mastering, Danny-K, Seishi, KMNY, Tattedsaurasrex, ZzzCurtisArt, Rocky Rantz, Modality, Boom Raccoon, Brenda D., Maria, Desert Queen, my partner Keegan & of course, rave fam

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