W.A.S.H. Takeover Week – Getting To Know The Sharp-Toothed Duck-Duo [Artist Interview]

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By: Garth Jones

Getting To Know The Sharp-Toothed Duck-Duo W.A.S.H.

Q1: What can you tell us about your hatchling into dance music? Where did this all begin for you two?

A1: It all started when Puddles walked in on Duckie making a twerk remix for his buddy. He stepped in and made some edits. Then Duckie made some edits. They realized that they made great bass music together…. And thus, W.A.S.H. was hatched!

Q2: So, why ducks, and why are they vicious? We would love to know! 

A2: We threw a bunch of band names in the mix and “Wash” grabbed our attention. We knew then and there that our theme would be centered around the bathtub… and thus we were born as rubber duckies. The music we make is fun and also aggressive, so you see all of that in our personalities.

Q3: If you had to describe your music to someone who hasn’t listened to it; how would you do it?

A3: We make party bass music. Twerk, trap and moombahton mostly. There is one goal only… FUN! 

Q4: You both are from AZ! What does Arizona do best in terms of electronic dance music?

A4: Arizona has grown into one of the best EDM hot spots in the country. Our local scene is stellar (like the recurring Full Moon Festival) and our major events are massive (Phoenix Lights, Decadence, Dusk, etc)

Q5: What has been your craziest festival experience? (Whether as artists or attendees)

A5: We played Dusk Music Festival in Tucson last year and that was a riot. By the end of our set, we had amassed the biggest crowd of our career and they were all headbanging in unison… We got goosebumps (or duckbumps I guess).

May be an image of one or more people and text that says 'DUSK'

Q6: You just recently played your Cinco De Baile live stream on Twitch on Cinco De Mayo. What can you tell us about your set, experience, and cause for the event?

A6: Now that the world is starting to open up, we wanted to wrap up “Stream season” the right way. We started the pandemic doing W.A.S.H. & Friends live streams and it gave us and our friends an outlet to play out our music for the quarantine audience. So this time, we wanted to celebrate our Mexican neighbors for Cinco de Mayo. We recruited the best names in Latin music that we knew (Rayburger, Radical One, and more) for a good cause… We chose Kino Border Initiative as our charity because we wanted to support migrant families that are currently struggling.

Watch the live stream on Facebook by clicking here >> W.A.S.H.

Q7: Your new track Stay With Me featuring SVMUEL is extraordinary in every facet. We absolutely love it! From a creative standpoint, how did you balance the vocals carrying such weight while the beat is aggressive and upbeat? 

A7: Thanks so much! Puddles had the “Don’t Go, Stay with Me” chorus in his head when he wrote the track… We reached out to our good friend SVMUEL with the idea and he filled out the rest beautifully… He is an immense talent so be sure to check out his other work. He absolutely knocked the vocals out of the park. From that point forward, we knew we had something special so it was time to dial in the drops. I think we re-wrote the drop 3 or 4 times before we landed at the current version… It had to be perfect!

Q8: Thus far in your musical careers, what has been the brightest highlight?

A8: The last time we played Full Moon Festival in Phoenix, we were putting on our helmets side stage getting ready to step up to the decks. We heard the crowd chanting “Quack! Quack! Quack!” At that point, we knew we had something special, because the fans had created a way to communicate with us without being prompted. We really felt the love!

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 Q9: As for 2021, what is the ultimate goal for you two ducks?

A9: Now that the world is opening up, we are gearing up to hit stages everywhere this summer/fall. We have a body of work that we made in quarantine that we can’t wait to release. And we have big plans for the video side of things… stay tuned, ducklings!

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Q10: While being ducks with an insane dental structure, we are curious to ask. What are your favorite foods? All quacks aside! 

A10: Our mouths are only used for a few things: Quacking, smoking dabs, drinking brewskies and EATING BOOTY!

Q11: Who is in your pond of artists that are killing it? Give them a big ‘ducking’ shout-out

A11:We are super blessed to have a network of artists we admire that support us like Fight Clvb, Duckworthsound, Rayburger and Radical One... and we love flying with our up-and-comer pals like Hndsm Boiz. Greatness abound!



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