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[SHLLSHCK] bass music, Australia-based, and cosmically driven artist from the future Astroreign bursts from his intergalactic constellation to bring in a mortally-titled ‘Overconfidence‘. The tune at hand is heavy, neck-break-worthy, and ultimately some of Astroreign’s best and brightest work.

We are always beside ourselves how amazing, addictive, and future-thinking each and every one of Astroreign’s tracks, remixes, and collaborations are. What a monumental spectacle at work.

Intertwine yourself in the worthiness of Astroreign and his monumental production right away as the orchestral delivery of bass comes in full swing. Available for free download, this track from the celestial-minded mate from Australia packs a punch in each corner of the track for an ultimate knockout finish.

By the time we have even finished this particular write-up, Astroreign has had a remix competition win from Scafetta and Espioth’s track ‘Animate’ and a label release from Hoplon Records for his collaborative efforts with Rio Callix for ‘I’m Still Here’ which are both pure explosive fire!



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