Los Padres + CAZES – Missing Ft. NAJA: Chrmatic Records Release [Track Write-Up]

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[Orlando-based] record label Chrmatic Records unleashes a collaborative effort so wildly fun and energetic, it must be from a local pool of talented artists we haven’t quite heard of yet over here in Colorado. We are excited to find, we were going in the same direction because Los Padres, CAZES, and NAJA, altogether bring in the energy with their release titled ‘Missing‘.

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Instantly, the spring into summer vibes is felt. We jolt into our swimwear, throw our shades on, and head out the door (towel in hand). ‘Missing‘ takes you on one of those humid nightscape evenings where the clock is irrelevant, a half-full cup occupies your hand all night, and the morning comes all-too-soon. This song from the three at hand; is what is playing/repeating in your head until sun-up.

At each dynamic shift in the collaboration, you are met with a new and intoxicating synth and build-up to keep you jumping and dancing. The vocals that are elegantly laid through by NAJA are graceful, riveting, and ultimately the contrast in energy that fits so well. She displays an absolutely majestic amount of skill that is effortless and flooring.

We are increasingly excited to witness what else the aforementioned artists are going to come up with next. We suggest following/connecting with these brilliant minds above via their social icons. Until then, support by listening, liking, reposting their music. Repeat that process, often.




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