Viperactive + Say Word ft. Atak – Get Wet [Track Write-Up]

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[Arizona & Colorado-based] beasts of sound Viperactive and Say Word combine their efforts to supplement the gargantuan bars and vocals of [Denver-based] Atak, the real OG on the scene to conclude with ‘Get Wet’. These three triangulate their efforts and otherworldly skills to drop a f**king heater trap/bass anthem on your head so venomously addictive, you’ll walk away with a whole new attitude.

We encourage you to get bitten…


Drop One – Viperactive

Vocals: Atak

Drop Two – Say Word

May be an image of text that says 'VIPERACTIVE SAY WORD GETWET GET FEAT. ATAK HIOI'
photo of: Viperactive

From the deserts of Arizona, a highly toxic, fatally venomous, and sneakily snake-like producer Viperactive is no stranger to inflicting insane amounts of bass upon folks. His index of music is spewing with acidic auditory assault. From label releases to remixes, originals to just all around deathly-dubstep-danger. To just start, Borgore’s frshblood release with ‘HOOK UP‘, Spag Heddy‘s ‘Get To U‘ official remix, ‘CABIN FEVER‘ with Excision‘s Subsidia label, and much more. This slithering sound-snake is all that and the antidote.

High above sea level (a mile high to be exact) is Say Word and Atak. Breaching from their mountainous cityscape to deliver this doomsday-like tune with Viperactive is just what you need to activate your spring-into-summer headspace. The crescendo of crushing capabilities from these three is flooring. My jaw, it is quite always literally on the floor when Say Word and Atak are on the same bill, and now we add a high level of toxicity with Viperactive. Somebody, call a doctor!

Say Word has been at large, demolishing it, just pumping out music like a mad man. His archive is like a library, you can just pick something up off the shelf and be completely taken back by it. For instance, his self-releases ; Communication Failure, Reconnect, and some noteworthy label releases like his recent Kill Proof EP with Emengy, Subsidia’s Fresh‘ and so much more, just do you self the justice and look at the whole discography.
This new addition of ‘Get Wet’ is an absolute knockout and our hats are off to all three artists. Whoa!

Above by: Garth Jones

If you anything about us, we are always stoked to get soaked; so let’s Get Wet!

photo of: Say Word
photo by: Nathen Lane Media

Get Wet – Viperactive & Say Word ft. Atak – Track Review Write-Up

By: Tate Beumel

You trying to be soaked? It’s time to ‘Get Wet’ with this new one from the Arizona heavy-hitter, Viperactive & the trap legend from Brooklyn, Say Word. Let’s not forget those hard hitting vocals from the Denver area Atak!

There is nothing like a catchy little beat to bring in the flow and the upbeat, bouncy melody to open this track is perfect to get you dancing and drawn in. The intro slips in some gnarly vocals and leads you up to the astonishing bass and thumping beat to set the crowd off, or make you jump up and dance if you are catching a livestream. The creative power between these two dynamic producers is really brought to light with this absolute heater, certified banger for sure!

photo of: Atak

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‘Say Word? More like, Say What!?

Say Word again, say what again!? I dare ya. I double dare you!. Say Word one more time!”
– Good Vs Evil

“Sounds like we’re experiencing the venom and all I can say is word.”



Say Word –



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