Morillo – Shades of Green: Gravitas Records Release [Album Write-Up]

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[Los Angeles-based] bass music artist Morillo takes a risk and comes out with a refreshing, provocative, and utilitarian end-product being his album ‘Shades of Green‘. Amassing eight riveting tracks that incorporate acoustic drums in a way that most won’t even dare to attempt, the album ties and molds the vastly unmerged worlds together. The risk he took; paid off tenfold.
Gravitas Recordings unleashes the 2021 year swimmingly and effortlessly with the powerful ‘Shades of Green’ album from Morillo to start us off on a good foot, which we need. The quarantine served Morillo with the time to aggregate a meaningful, rewarding, and ultimately more life-like sounding drum production system. Acquiring the necessary materials and equipment to deliver the powerful sounding soundscapes to invigorate his listeners, the end-result is flooring.

Badman Sound | Secrets feat. Evan Hatfield | Champion Sound feat. PRZM | Dreamland feat. Talia Benson | Kings of Kings | Shades of Green | One$$ feat. DanniG | Rain and Mist

[Listen to Shades of Green]


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