Ployd – Ruff N’ Tumble/Stegosaurus [EP Write-Up]

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Ployd – Ruff N Tumble / Stegoasaurus EP

[Atlanta-based] Ployd drops the Ruff N’ Tumble / Stegosaurus EP of a dual-dose in bass, consisting of tracks ‘Ruff N’ Tumble’ and ‘Stegosaurus‘. The tracks at hand, ‘Ruff N’ Tumble‘ and Stegosaurus bold hold merit as a wonky, deep, and low pair of productions. Each track complementing and supplementing the aforementioned two as a cohesive distich as a release from Swampstep.

The low and slow vibes brought on by ‘Ruff N’ Tumble‘ allows the mind to let go from existential obligations and drift into this abysmal ever-deepening void of sound. Captivating our senses, thoughts and hips. Let loose as this original rushes over you.
The monolithic musicality behind the second track ‘Stegosaurus‘ is breathtaking. This mild, mellow, and ultimately free-flowing track grasps the mind and soul. The bustling bass and soft waves encapsulate the contrast in the versatility in the auditory anomaly at hand.

This double feature is just a snippet of the collective art and creation Ployd is managing at the moment. This remaining timeline in 2020 has only so much time left, let Ployd manipulate the rest with this double-feature EP.

[Listen to Ruff N’ Tumble / Stegosaurus]

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