YAMi – Wrist: MMXVAC Release [Track Write-Up]

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[Ohio-based] bass music talent, YAMi has a new trick up his sleeve, titled ‘Wrist‘, exclusively out on MMXVAC. Without skipping a beat, YAMi brings the complex feel of his hybrid-trap sound along for a ride with some nasty build-ups to accompany a wicked psytrance finish to the track.

Each compartment to the track is blinding with luxurious twists and turns, keeping you excited for each new shift. The trap sound is exactly the needed contrast to that insane psytrance jaunt into the future. Seriously, when it gets you going in one facet, the next level exceeds the previous one’s allure. YAMi really seals in the fire and lets it all loose with the ending blare of energy. A must-hear!

Creative Writer Zachary, stated:

Wow, so I don’t know how to properly begin, kinda having my brain still process these awesome songs my ears got to journey through! Starting with YAMi’s song Wrist. We begin asking those to remember the movie Army of Darkness with Bruce Campbell. Then you get hit with music like this, I am pretty sure there was a newer show they ran with, and this would be perfect with it! Such a trap horror vibe to it with my ears, and then you get punched in the face with audio at a powerful drop!

The kick is super punchy with a lovely snare and awesome high hat fills and kicks rolls! The melody of the wubz just carried along beautifully with a nice technique of layering! Slowly going into a breakdown sequence with fewer sounds and just going into a second beautiful build-up sequence, would you expect a similar design drop? Nope, absolutely not, it’s EDM what do you expect? Many artists have been very versatile with genre-blending as of lately in sound design, So with that said, YAMi hits us with a lovely psytrance drop!

An involuntary angry satisfaction bass face of approval was a thing, and then after 2:10, hold on. You’re hit with the beautiful wubz layered in such a smacking manner, like falling through the floors in the Turn Down For What video. With all such a beautiful journey in 2:40, you have the sounds blended out and just end in a manner that the song is telling you, “I’m gonna take a nap, see y’all around!” 

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