Milk Man – An Extraterrestrial With A Master Plan [Artist Spotlight]

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From Johnstown, Pennsylvania to the busy city of  LA is upcoming underground talent Milk Man. Who exactly is Milk Man? A story that holds more than what meets the eye. Milk Man was born In a small town in Pennsylvania and like the name in itself sounds like a place where EDM had no traction that was exactly the case. His first show was when he was 18 he attended Excision and that’s when he decided he wanted to become the person on stage. 

9 months after Excision he tried to produce but had no direction nor help, in order to do this Milk Man drafted a plan that led him to leave his hometown and move to LA. As we all know Los Angeles is where most of the EDM community resides. 

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 Milk Man enlisted into the Marines in 2012 and completed 4 years in 2016 but is still listed on active duty. In the Marines, he worked 10 to 12 hours in Logistics Aviation and had little to no time but when he did he would DJ and teach himself to produce. Towards the end of his 4 years, he attended Musicians Institute in Los Angeles where he earned 3 certifications in; Audio and Engineering, Independent Artist Program, and the Music Business Program. Each program was a stepping stone to learn not only how to produce but also how to “be an artist”  to protect himself in the music industry. 

Musicians Institute is where he learned most of his producing skills, a school where there “are more musicians than actual teachers”. Shortly after earning his certificates, he went to Los Angeles’s popular school for producers, Icon. Attending Icon he earned his certificate in the Music Production Program. 

His education didn’t stop there, music is something he really is passionate about, and has invested his education in learning how everything works, down to the last plugin. He is back at Musicians Institute earning his associate of arts degree in audio engineering. 

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Funny enough, Milk Man wasn’t always known as this alias; he had two prior; SheetsBeats and Luckie before finally deciding on a name that actually suited him and was also an inside joke to him and his close friends. When you hear the name Milk Man he wants “[you] have fun when they think of [his] name” He produces heavy bass music and labels himself as Dubstep but is a riddim kid at heart too.

His newest track ‘Love Drunk’ dropped Christmas and already has over 500 listens. It opens up with catchy lyrics you hear throughout the song, with a dubstep build and drops with a melodic bass to it. The song itself is musically and chord-driven, down to the ending where it smoothly fades out.

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If you’re looking for a song packed with bass then ‘Ascension’ a collaboration with Mista J is definitely the song you’re looking for. Ascension has over 12k listens and opens up with an eerie tune that leaves room for question on where this could go, but quickly labels itself as a heavy bass as the song builds up creating tension then drops heavy bass.

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Written by: Sarahi Pelayo

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