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[Texas-based] artist collective company Veridian Management will be taking reign of our systems for the following week. They will showcase the sounds, stories, and imaginations of their whole squad in the electrifying Monsoon Season fashion. We invite you to take notice across all of our platforms to find, follow, and connect with the brilliant, up, and coming management brand testing to take over the world, beginning with our storm!

With their already spiked and star-studded lineup of artists decimating their Texan region with constant releases, show appearances, and industrious involvements across the board; the ladies and gents of this hive are unprecedented. Turning heads and breaking necks is the game, Veridian Management is the name.

This is The Veridian Management Takeover Week.

Arkaid: Interview

Q1: Welcome to our storm! For our readers and newly gained soon-to-be fans, who is Arkaid? Briefly walk us through your origin story and decision to choose your name!

A1: Hey! Thanks so much for this opportunity, I’m really excited to be speaking with you guys. The origin isn’t super crazy but there’s some cool symbolism that has come up over the years. 

My musical journey actually began at the Houston Grand Opera where I was a part of the children’s choir for several productions. I had some music lessons but finally got into producing dubstep in early high school. I was SO bad at first but it was too much fun to stop. I ended up just diving into everything music had to offer and ended up DJing a lot when I moved to Austin

Unfortunately I don’t have a bigger story behind my name, it’s something that just came to me while I was scribbling around on a notebook in high school. I see the Ark as having a spiritual message. I want my shows and performances to embody that as well. 

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Q2: Being a Texas resident must have bigger benefits in regard to music. What has been most advantageous to you in The Lone Star State?

A2: I mean, there’s a huge sense of communal identity in Texas. No matter which part of the state you are from there is a shared love here. Texas is also home to some of the best festivals so that love really gets spread statewide. 

Q3: Your SoundCloud is stacked. Assuredly diverse in selection. What is your creative process, direction, or avenue when making music?

A4: You know, man. I’m really in a process of rediscovering myself in music right now. I bounced around a lot in college and it was really difficult to focus on music the way I was able to before. Now that I’ve moved to LA and am focusing on music full-time, I’m getting the opportunity to reinvent myself in regards to my own creativity. 

What does that mean? I guess as creatives we all just want to express something and have an impact. We want to CREATE. It’s a process of trial and error to find the avenue that is most compatible with our voice. 

I’m trying to find a way to combine all these aspects of music styles and communities and cultures that I love into something of my own. It’s really a process of self discovery. Like “ok I like to sing. I like to rap. I like to play acoustic guitar. I like to shred metal. I like dubstep. I like gaudy flashy rap videos. I like bright, light inspirational future bass. I like screamo. 

There’s this insane juxtaposition that goes on between these styles and the difficult part is that as humans, we identify with each one of these feelings, right? And as audience members we’re not required to make any sense of these multiple personalities. We’re not required to create a singular musical identity. We just experience each genre and feeling as we see fit. 

As an artist, however, we kind of have to grapple with it at a different level because the process of creation is also a process of reflection, you know? When you make something and express something that thing you express is a representation of you. 
So being an artist is trying to come to terms with your own identity. Like, am I an emo kid? Am I a main stage headbanger? Am I a white rapper? Pop star? And I’m completely aware I’m thinking too much. But at least that’s where I’m at. It’s cool to just go into a studio and create with no expectations. 

Q4: What can your fans expect for the rest of 2020? What about anticipating for the unwritten year of 2021?

A lot of music, I’m anticipating. I just enrolled in this amazing music program here in Burbank, California called Icon Collective. With uni done, I finally have the space to go over all these projects I’ve been working on the past few years. I wouldn’t be surprised if I came out with some sort of album by the end of 2021. No promises though haha, I don’t want to rush the process. 

I feel less of a hurry than I used to about getting things out and playing shows. I’m feeling much more focused on the process of creating great music and that takes a lot of time. 
However, I do have a show in Austin at the end of this month! My awesome friends at Veridian Management have set me up to open for Riot Ten at Vulcan Gas Company on November 28th. I am absolutely stoked to be back in that venue. It’s definitely one of my favorites. 

Q5: Who do you see killing it in your area and beyond? Give them a shout-out! 

I really wanna give a shout-out to my friend Justin who started Veridian Management. They’ve really put a lot of effort into their artists and making sure we all have opportunities to succeed. 

Other than that, if you’re in Houston, check out the raves put on by Virtuosos Entertainment. They’re about as big as the underground is going to get. You won’t be disappointed.


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