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[Denver-based] dubstep artist King Kobra has been quite busy lately. While some are finding, using, and maximizing opportunity in a time where it seems that opportunities are scarce and or just unapparent. Not in this case, King Kobra has managed to keep up with dynamite releases and remixes for us to enjoy but now he adds a merchandise shop into the daily mix, and boom, you have now what many would see as impossible.

In a small analogy, what some are doing in this dilapidated time is planting seeds, nurturing, and allowing time to be the last ingredient in the success and growth of their newfound and hopeful fruit-bearing plants. What I mean by this is, is that what small moves we are making now are ultimately going to have unimaginable results in the long term. We are planting seeds and allowing them to grow, that is what we have here. A garden, and a snake.


Before we jump into King Kobra‘s closet, let’s enjoy some of his recently released tracks ‘Look Like Cardi‘ and a remix of Billy Ellish‘s ‘Ocean Eyes‘, both irrefutably immensely great tracks from this Coloradan reptile, so let’s jump into this before that.

Look Like Cardi (Produced by King Kobra)

[Look Like Cardi] starts off with an easy woodwind crescendo into an all-out assault of bass. Mixing in no time at all both soundscapes fuse to create a contemporary track. The woodwind carries into the tracks totality, backed by wobble and looping synth. After some time, we are introduced to some chopped vocals and energetic MC work. Worth a listen, or two!

Billie Ellish – Ocean Eyes (King Kobra Remix)

[Ocean Eyes] gets a venomous variation of volatility in this remix from King Kobra. Instilling his signature sounds into the already defined sounds and vocals of Billie Ellish‘s. Ocean Eye’s grew on the country and world in its natural form upon release so it looks like King Kobra saw something in the track and decided to inject some hellacious beats into it. Adding his bass, tune-selection, and elemental design. Keep this track, his catalog, and more closely for the 2021 year.

More Music:

King Kobra’s Merch Store Announcement

Located HERE you can find King Kobra‘s newest and freshest collection ranging in a multitude of products. From your conventional articles of apparel to computer gear to bath wear, it’s here for the purchasing of your comfort.

Support comes in many forms and an almost endless repertoire of possibilities and opportunities. From listening, liking, playing, reposting, and gassing up artists on their socials, or at the end of the spectrum buying their merchandise. This is that opportunity for King Kobra.

Take a look at some items here and visit the full store to see the rest. I know I see some stuff I like!

You can find the full catalog by visiting his site found HERE

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