Jorge Toscano – Welcome To The Gang ft. Raddix: Paradise Circus Release [Track Write-Up]

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[Day 5] of the Raddix Takeover Week is here and we are elated to take a more detailed, attentive, and articulate take on his and Jorge Toscano‘s ‘Welcome To The Gang‘ which is a release of Paradise Circus’s immense UK-based catalog. Expect some serious electro-pop/bass vibes to be backed up by the heart- throbbing vocals of Raddix‘s emotional yet invigorating talents.

Being featured in the official Takeover trailer, this track speaks volumes. The sheer story at hand is of a gangster’s daughter who is a product of violence, urban-living, and a life of her father’s indoctrinations but one thing is apparent, she cannot handlle love.

This track quickly evolves into the narrative of balance, dynamics, and relationships. No matter how cold, hard, and vicious you may seem to be – love, can and will make an example of anyone undermines the severity of its power. Raddix expounds that ideology immensely with Jorge Toscano’s electrifying productions to add insult to injury of your senses. This cinematically-inspiring track is not just one for the books, but one for the hearts, and one for the souls.


Creative Writer, Zachary voiced: I am literally speechless about this song! It’s one of those songs that you would hear in a really cool movie! Also you would hear this when walking around the mall on a shopping spree! Jorge Toscano and Raddix really went in on this song. Your San Antonio producer who is multi genre efficient! He started at a young age, and you can tell from the year involved, his sound design and songs only continue to get better! This song is a prime example of showing the growth of Jorge Toscano

Raddix is also from San Antonio, being a Hip Hop and EDM singer, both of them blend together with delivering such a great song! Raddix is a rising star as well, and there is no way to tell when the both of them will stop climbing! To be completely honest though, we don’t want them to ever stop! When you have Raddix singing on your songs, you know the direction the song will go is nothing but good! 

The song starts amazingly, with the vocals hitting after a clash of high hats! The vocals carry into a heavy bass melody, and when it takes you with the chorus! You can already recognize that this is a song that can stick in your head and cause you to start singing, despite not knowing the song! The bass melody carries beautifully with the rest of the song from start to finish! I really hope that Raddix and Jorge Toscano do more songs together! Having a song like this immediately makes you want to see what more they can do together! 

Creative Writer, Krystle declared: This beautiful bass track really gets you in the groove with its fun and funky vibe. Welcome to The Gang prances you right into curiosity and suspense with its beautifully mapped ascension into an upbeat and super intense drop. This combined with the smooth and captivating vocals of Raddix is the perfect example of pop meets bass! Deckmaster, Jorge Toscano, really outdoes himself on this one as this is one track that is sure to have you on your feet! 

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