BvssFlux – Inequity | Deathstar Cult Ltd. Release [EP Write-Up]

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[Colorado-based] dubstep and riddim producer, BvssFlux is releasing his Inequity EP in subsequent order with each track being made public individually. Each track (and the EP as a whole) is released under the [Colorado-based] rising label, Deathstar Cult Ltd. Surmounting the craze is the unbelievable hype for this highly anticipated EP from BvssFlux, which has struck the interest in tens of thousands of bass-thirsty fans.

Starting the release frenzy, we have ‘Smashed ft. MagMag‘, secondly ‘Retrograde‘, and lastly ‘The Reckoning‘. Ultimately this is Inequity.

The underground Don BvssFlux has been patiently lurking in the shadows of 2020, waiting for the perfect timing to unleash a reckoning upon us. We the audience and listener are left with a mind-boggling and quite honestly as near to perfect as you can get Riddim EP as the result of this wait. This release is the first for BvssFlux directly representing Deathstar Cult Ltd. The timing of the release of this project has been spread out over the final week of 2020 with staggered releases ending on New Year’s Eve.

Be prepared for shifting patterns galore and an abundance of crisp sound design execution as you begin your nihilistic journey through the Inequity EP.
From the very start, we are taken into BvssFlux‘s expertly crafted universe of sound. The perfectly executed mixdown of “Smashed ft. MagMag” with its deep, dark, and engaging vocal unfolds through the soundscape into a grimy and masterfully phrased Riddim.

[Listen To Smashed ft. MagMag]

The pattern of fusing in an influence of Hip-Hop continues in “Retrograde” during the middle of the track. This element for the track finds itself surrounded on all sides by riddim sections that simply put are in a league of their own. The speaker flexing use and abuse of the available dynamic range should please any music lover who longs for more than just a brick wall of sound pushed over the top. There is something simply different about the way BvssFlux brings you into the song. It’s nearly flawless and many DJs will find the usability of “Retrograde” is limitless. It is as if the track and the EP as a whole is a game being played between the listener and the sounds. This makes it stand out on a whole new level in an extremely cinematic way. The final chapter of this three-part release arrives on New Year’s Eve 2020 and trust me, it is a perfect way to break in the new year of 2021!

[Listen to Retrograde]

The Reckoning” cuts straight to the chase with a menacing vocal part literally declaring “I will be your final reckoning.” The response to this call to adventure begins with a short Hip-Hop infused break that is followed up with the sounds of a light-hearted voice character that seems carefree in nature. The soundscape evolves as the character encounters our menacing voice of reckoning. This quickly builds tension and releases into a gut-wrenching drop that is a dream come true. Every element of the sound design lends itself to the others in a dance of surprisingly cohesive unity. Taking all this in, together with flawless sound design, brings forth a production that is frankly top shelf. At times it almost feels like BvssFlux has whimsically issued a challenge to the universe with this EP. Sitting back with a Mona Lisa grin that says “Come and catch me…if you can.” Final word to the casual lover of Dubstep.

[Listen to The Reckoning]

Let me leave you with these three statements:
A. BvssFlux simply dominates the players of the riddim game for 2020 with this release.
B. This is a perfect progression of the subgenre towards a larger audience.
C. You will LOVE this EP.


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Written by: Travis Bisbee

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