Blind Lies & High Lead’s Deliver Menacing Rocktronic Collab ‘Rebels’ via High Caliber Records [Track Write-Up]

Monsoon Weather Reporter: Garth Jones

art: Fatal Media

● Both artists at hand, Mexico City-based Blind Lies & High Lead decimate ears, minds, and most folks’ idea of where dubstep, metal, and fusion can rest on the ever-rotating spit of fire of today’s underground talent’s releases with their new collab “Rebels” on Minneapolis-based record label, High Caliber Records.

After each of their madness-driven releases via bootlegs, flips, and more – we can see the two’s true tune tyranny play out with “Rebels“, and boy are we ready for more.

pic: L: Blind Lies | R: High Lead

The duo partnership from Blind Lies + High Lead brings a new treachery of tune fabrication using core elements of harsh metal soundscapes, guitar riffs, and epic screams. Marry these underpinnings with their authoritative dose of dubstep divets and basslines to go berserk too, we have “Rebels” – the newest metalstep/rocktronic on everyone’s ‘play next’ and playlists.

From the fissures of bass to the fiasco of feral metal bits, each installation makes sense and gives the listener a new take on the burgeoning subgenres in today’s up-and-coming sound (metal/bass) with “Rebels”, exclusively out on High Caliber Records.

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