Nuclear Ninja – Samurai Slayer VIP [EP Write-Up]

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Your training begins now Nuclear Nation! Get your Geiger counters out, because Nuclear Ninja has dropped an apocalyptic bass bomb on the dubstep scene to cap off the year of 2020.

This release follows a year of explosive growth as Nuclear Ninja is postured to make a run for the top in 2021. This end of the year release is honestly the complete package and the era of Nuclear Ninja has come. The EP overall is cinematic and thoroughly engaging. It could possibly be considered paradigm-shifting for some when experienced “properly” via a high fidelity system with powerful subwoofers.

With this EP, we are given two new Dubstep tracks, a huge House tune, and a downright destructive VIP of Samurai Slayer. The playing field has been completely leveled as far as the ear can hear.
The third track on the EP; a House tune titled “Water,” is a perfect addition to the overall vibe of the project. The pattern changes distort the listener’s subjective perspective of the passage of time. Things seem to slow down and speed up as the track progresses and guides the experience. All of this culminates to create massive dancefloor replay value that should last for years to come.

Nuclear Ninja has established a position as master of the bass dojo and leaves high expectations for what is to come in 2021. Get those woofers warmed up and get ready to be nuked by a welcomed energy blast to close out 2020. Nuclear Ninja‘s mark has been made.

Happy belated birthday, Nuclear Ninja!

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Written by: Travis Bisbee

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