Say Word – Communication Failures: Emengy Release [Track Write-Up]

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[Denver-based] Say Word is swinging for the fences once again with “Communication Failure,” released by [emengy].

As we approach the end of 2020 society has reached a point where technological breakthroughs and level-ups are occurring almost constantly. Nearly every single day some new advance occurs technologically.

[Say Word] jumps into the fray by thrusting the listener into a dystopian vision of the near future. The intro and build-up sections focus on a user and their inability to control some advanced technology.
The epic and nihilistic vibe is set into motion by what seems to be a malfunctioning Artificial Intelligence that has plans of its own and seemingly has no intention of obeying the commands of its user.

This set up is a perfect foundation for a brutal assault of audio presented by Say Word in the first drop via a brutal riddim inspired beat down. Weapons systems activate and Say Word brings the heavy artillery to the battle in the second half of the song. The subtle pattern shifts and syncopation delivered in the final drop flow into an aggressive onslaught of sonic perfection as the AI completes its mission of annihilating the listener with bass frequency.
Fans of Liquid Stranger will appreciate the effort put into the futuristic vibe of the intro, bridge, and build-up sections. At the same time, fans of tearout and The heavier dubstep subgenres will fall in love with the track as well. Massive sustained bass and brutal mid-bass synthesizers hit you straight in the chest force adrenaline to be released into the bloodstream. Look no further Headbangers, this track is exactly what you have been waiting for.

The theme is overall cinematic in nature and stands out quite well amongst other similar releases from 2020. Keep your ears and eyes open for more releases from Say Word, this artist is going to find massive success if this is the type of track we can expect going forward into 2021. Check out “Communication Failure” by Say Word, You won’t be disappointed.

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Written by: Travis Bisbee

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