Murlock Holms – Filthy Jail: Badkill Records Release [Track Write-Up + Interview]

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[Texas-based] experimental bass artist, Murlock Holms is up to no good, releasing ‘Filthy Jail’ with Badkill Records showing off a real, brutal, and heavy tune with constricting and gripping control. Murlock Holms sets the record straight in no time at all with ‘Filthy Jail‘ being one the last releases of 2020, easily letting everyone know he is sealing the deal with bold, dark, easy-to-read lettering.

We haven’t a doubt we will be seeing Murlock Holms more and more in the coming 2021 year. The level of dedication, invested time, and energy this Texan producer has put into his flourishing musicalities are not to be undermined.

Q1: Being that 2020 is at its end. How do you feel this track sealed the year off?

A1: at the beginning of the year my tracks were all vastly experimental. This year was a year that I established my distinguishable sound. And I think that’s an important step to solidifying my name in the industry.

Q2: Plans for 2021? Let your fanbase know what is going to happen!

A2: I already have another track lined up for January 5th which is insane to me because for four years I was so self-conscious of my art but now, I send my tracks with confidence. 2021 is the year I’m going to try and break through the scene with my unique sound and show the industry, Texas isn’t a state to fuck with.

[Listen To Filthy Jail]

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