Tito Burrito – Alphabet Soup [EP Write-Up]

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Tito Burrito
‘Alphabet Soup’

[Alphabet Soup featuring feltnothing & Section18]

This very heavy hip hop style track starts off intense and ready to blow your mind. Bouncing into a beautifully transitioned and perfectly time trap-music heavy bass drop. Halfway through Tito Burrito switches gear into a much more spacy and almost cosmic sound. Both felt nothing‘s & Seciton18‘s lyrical contribution and addition to this tune was absolutely the perfect way to top it off! With a track time of almost 7 minutes, Alphabet Soup is an insanely stellar example of Tito Burrito‘s diversity in his artistry and ability to truly blow our EDM loving minds!

[Tito Burrito x Nevō – Placeholder]

Moving on to the second track in this incredible EP, Tito Burrito does a great job of softening the vibe yet maintaining the same defining intensity that track number 1 has! Starting off almost winding up throughout its ascension before dropping into a perfect bass-filled sound. Tito Burrito‘s wonky and beautifully unique production skills truly shine quite brightly here and he does a great job of holding his place and captivating us with his sound!

[Altona Meadows Better Better Etc. (Tito Burrito Remix)]

 As Tito Burrito prepares to bring us back from his beautifully mapped journey into his sound, he closes the Alphabet Soup EP out with his own remix of Altona Meadow‘s Better Better Etc. Bringing in an almost jazz-like vibe with this one, he is able to add his own unique heavy bass spin on an already calming and mellow vibed song.

When listening to this EP from start to finish, the listener is easily drawn in from the start and then guided through a superb and excellent crafted journey through Tito Burrito‘s diversity in his sound. 

[Listen to the Alphabet Soup EP]

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Written by: Krystle Skyye

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