LovelyBones x Dylan Heckert – Crazy [Track Write-Up]

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[Arizona + Texas] collide in a cohesive-touch with the new release from Dylan Heckert and LovelyBones, ever-so-eloquently named, ‘Crazy‘. Gleaming with low basslines, backed with signature soundscapes from both respective artists, compounding to a wonky ride into the minds of theirs and beyond.

The masterful build of drums is what really laces the intro into the otherworldly-beat at hand. You can’t help but get into it right away with a crunchy bass-faced demeanor. Through until the second overlay in unheard-of-sounds, obliterate the senses with each twist and turn, this track means mental-business.
The collective energy the track brings from the two is just enough to want more from these brilliant minds. Be sure to stream ‘Crazy‘ and show your support for these Southwestern-based producers; Dylan Heckert and LovelyBones.

[Listen to Crazy]

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