W.A.S.H. + KY – No More [Remix EP Write-Up]

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No More (Remixes EP)


Sharp-toothed duck-duo W.A.S.H. waddles ashore to deliver a Remix EP unlike any of their doing before. Premiering with KY, the illustrious and ever-so-talented lyricist accompanies the original EP in eloquent fashion, sending her gracious and gifted vocals our way. Together these three have manifested the trap-music wonderment, No More. In addition to the extended play, they have double-dosed us with remixes from the prolific minds of Dykomoti, Seul Hoski, and Mavro Elafi.

Adding their spins, quacks, and twists on No More we have Dykotomi, Mavro Elafi. and Seul Hoski,
Dykomoti‘s bass-heavy rendition adds the grit and grime needed to fortifying this remix as the more brutal installment. Mavro Elafi‘s double-dose of trap within their remix at hand. Seriously impressive and catchy. Lastly, the duck-billed duo has a bass-house remix from Seul Hoski for the masses on this wickedly well-designed EP. This interpretation is the final and fearless addition tot he EP, and it is way energetic! Driving the remix EP in a full encapsulating-circle.

Be sure to show your support and love by listening to the EP, liking, re-posting it and sharing it to your friends as we are confident this is worth showing-off. W.A.S.H., and KY and the respective producers on the EP are all immensely talented and are a surefire exemplification that 2021 is looking bright.

W.A.S.H. & KY
No More (Remixes EP)


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