SAINt JHN – Gorgeous (Zovah Remix) [Track Write-Up]

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SAINt JHN – Gorgeous
(Zovah Remix)


Canadian powerhouse Zovah is back in the storm with his newest remix for SAINt JHN‘s track; Gorgeous. His maniac trap-music style is ever-present and prominent in this new installation of the Zovah project. Get ready to get up, get down, and get Gorgeous with us as we take a deep-dive into the depths of this remix.

Initially in the remix, you are sent into a bar-breakdown that evolves fast. The kind of fast evolution where it’s pure radiation. This trap and bass-forward rendition of SAINt JHN‘s already gassed up track is the exact dose of daily fire. Seriously well-designed and a surefire ass-shaker on the dance-floor. Look, the replay button is ready. Smash!

On the second go-round, you know it’s an ascension of adrenaline when you get into pure hood-mode. We assuredly dig this remix from Zovah, as it’s available on all his SoundCloud and Spotify. Show some love by listening, liking, and reposting the remix.

Finishing off the remix in textbook style. Letting us off the hook in an effortless, proper, and utterly crazed fashion. We highly recommend this remix as we also recommend keeping Zovah close, this dude is about to blow-up even bigger.
Keep ‘Gorgeous‘ in your playlists this autumn-season, as it’s shaping up to be a much better end to this handsome 2020 year, rather than it’s ugly start.

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