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[Monsoon Season Release]

When you have so much to show and so much to say, the only means to accomplishing both is to simultaneously just get to it, right? Let’s get to it then.
If you have been hiding/living under a rock (or under a potato in this case) you can come to the surface knowing that this artist has been making a name for himself in the greater Denver area. With wickedly experimental and bass-forward tracks being his primary genre preference, his talents are endless as his creations are breathtaking. Oh yeah, his name? It’s just potato, spelled backwards. Easy enough!



Chants, layering off looped ‘ahhhs’, then it sirens into a mean trap/hip-hop inspired build up, subsequently the crescendo carries with it some memorable and familiar bars from a chopped and screwed hip-hop track. The bass shakes so hard in this track, it can be felt outside of your means of listening. The screechy yet minimally outback-esque type soundscapes that Otatop develops are unlike any bass-track we have come across. Like butter your mind will melt with these starchy and potato-heavy tunes.

Keep Otatop in your cornucopia of music selections as we will be doing the same. Feast your utmost musical appetites on this ‘Prince of Potatoes’ productions.

2021 Will Be…
The Year Of The Spud.


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