OkregLucky X Shimi – Unlucky (Brainsick Records Release) [Track Write-Up]


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The two Polish powerhouses, OkregLucky and Shimi team up to supply the seriously blighted bass-forward track to keep us moving as the weather gets colder in November. Brainsick Records is the conduit of chaos in this hapless happening. We are lucky to say that ‘Unlucky’ is a mind-melting madhouse of bone-crushing drops, insane design, and ultimately a fully immersive dubstep track the whole crew will enjoy.

Effortlessly bringing us into the perspective of the two artists will some catchy intro beats and drums to carry the vibe. We enter a bit of a rush as the two build a synchronicity to get wilder and wonkier.

This drop is so utterly next-gen it’s ridiculous. A new variation on the wobble, waves, and weird; we can’t bare but to dive deep into this dub beat to save our lives. The drum pattern carrying through the track to reiterate our impending doom, it’s such a complex and mind-bending production . We speed things up…
Our very existence is being tested with this second drop. The contrast in extra layering and additional soundscapes elevates these two’s new release to the upper echelon of tracks to feast on in November. Lucky you, right?

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